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Berlusconi will cut down the salary to politicians

Being afraid of the Greek scenario of development of debt crisis, the government of Italy intends to approve this week the plan of reduction of expenses on 40 mlrd euro. The first to set an example economy it is necessary to the Italian politicians, newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes. The matter is that, despite reduction of state expenses last years, incomes of members of the lower chamber of parliament of the country remained at level of 140 thousand euro that, for example, twice exceeds an annual salary of the British legislators.

In this fight we stand on a front line. Crisis compels us to accept as soon as possible a package of measures of rigid economy — the prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has told. According to its ambitious project budgetary expenses this year will be cut down on 1,8 mlrd euro, in 2012 - m — on 5,5 mlrd euro. Thus the basic reductions are shifted on 2013 — 2014 that, according to analysts, not to cause anger of electorate on forthcoming elections. The purpose of the plan of economy is decrease by 2014 of budgetary deficiency to the norm established in EU in 3 %, and also reduction of a state debt of Italy to 112 %.

the basic measures provided by the plan for replenishment of state treasury, — cancellation of tax privileges for the companies and private persons, reduction of budgets of controls on places, freezing of salaries of state employees and reduction of bonuses and the various privileges given to politicians. politicians should show to everything that know how to reduce excessive expenditure — head of one of the largest trade unions of Italy of Luigi Andzheletti has told to journalists. With it Minister of Economics Dzhulio Tremonti agrees also: It is necessary, that the political class showed to people a good example .

will reduce However expenses not so simply. Many changes should meet with parliament approval, in particular deputies will ask to cut down to itself the salary. As the economist of Milan university Bokkoni Tito Boeri has told to the newspaper, salaries of legislators of Italy have grown since 1948 almost on 10 % while growth of salaries of usual workers has made 3 %. For 2010 the lower chamber of the parliament consisting of 630 members, has eaten nearby 1 mlrd euro of means of tax bearers . At the same time the budget of the upper chamber of parliament (321 senator) has made 600 million euro, however department has not reported yet about the expenditure, has noted g - n Boeri.

According to internal research of parliament of Italy, spent in March of this year, the monthly salary of local legislators averages 11,7 thousand euro, while, for example, at deputies of the British House of Commons — 6,35 thousand euro. For comparison: the monthly salary of the deputy of the American House of Representatives varies from 14,5 thousand Dollars (10,322 thousand euro) for the majority of deputies to 18,625 thousand dollars (13,26 thousand euro) which are received by the speaker. However the Italian deputies over the salary receive about 8,733 thousand euro a month on payment of work of assistants and a covering of a miscellaneous cost. Thus legislators are not obliged to open, on what there is an additional grant, and, by words g - on Boeri, the most part of these means is spent for personal needs.

the Italian deputies unlike the European colleagues can brag not only high compensations, but also the solid package of privileges including free residing in a building of the Italian parliament or private residences, free flights worldwide and even free hairstyles in hairdressing salons. Besides, they can receive indemnifications on such kinds of medical services, as massage courses shiatsu or thermal baths. In 2010 the exchequer has spent 46,5 million euro for rent of deputy apartments and 10,1 million euro more on compensation of medical expenses.