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Paper battery

solar elements which can be printed on a paper

the American scientists from the Massachusetts technological university Are presented have learnt to create photo cells on flexible surfaces like a paper or plastic, on a thickness comparable to of what usual bottles with drinks are made.

the Invention draws to itself attention already because the flexible panel with photo cells on it is cheap enough in manufacture and opens ample opportunities of its application. We will tell, inventors to show effect of their work, have laid out on the Internet a short videoclip. On it the scientist puts from a paper with solar accumulators small samoletik.

it is easy to imagine that it will turn out to create by means of technology besides paper samoletikov. For example, the covering of many types of transport would become quite good the collector energy of light. And to print batteries it will be possible on a surface of already let out devices, that is it will be possible to transform modern devices that work from solar energy.

Feature of the invention consists that the press of solar batteries on flexible materials occurs at temperature more low 120 that is a sparing variant for surfaces in comparison with former similar projects. Thanks to it also there was a press possibility on a paper, plastic or even on a fabric.

process of the press carries out the special printer, by means of steam influence a layer putting on a surface behind a layer. Efficiency of photo cells is insignificant and makes an order of 1 %, but scientists work over working out perfection. It is important that the printed batteries keep the working capacity and after the material on which they have been put, thousand times has been combined and spread out, and the previous workings out refused to function after the first deformation.