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Breathe bacon

Fans of meat now can not only is it, but also inhale

For those who wants to grow thin, but it can not be kept from a tasty sandwich with bacon, the oxygen device with bacon smell is created. The novelty will allow does without eating of meat and will replace this process by pleasure by aroma of smoked products.

the Device is designed first of all for those who becomes crazy on bacon. It is called BaconAir and represents capacity with 95 - percentage Himalaya the oxygen seasoned with a smell of smoked meat. It is supposed that the device can cheer users up when they will feel a pleasant fragrance of their favourite food and simultaneously will accept a portion of a curative oxygen cocktail.

Besides, BaconAir as if can promote people in a diet - instead of swallowing the next slice of bacon, it is possible to be limited to sensations which will present sense of smell. However this way doubtful enough as the person, having guessed aroma of bacon, can quite feel even more brutal appetite.

However, the device is invented by obvious fans of this meal who declare that all in this world should have taste of bacon, and are assured: even the smell of smoked products can make the world better. Besides the novelty, probably, is necessary to liking to vegetarians who do not presume to touch to itself meat, but not against to take pleasure from harmless BaconAir. As cost of an oxygen gadget makes only 9 dollars to Get it it is possible on a site baconsalt. 3dcartstores. com.