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The strawberry helps people to overcome an old age

One of the most favourite delicacies of people - a strawberry - helps with struggle against an old age, and also promotes cancer preventive maintenance. To such conclusion the group of scientists after carrying out of fortnight tests has come.

Scientists from Italy and Spain investigated strawberry influence on group of volunteers, informs Daily Mail. Experiment lasted exactly two weeks. Every day examinees ate strawberry half-kg. Every day testings of blood of volunteers in which course it has been established were spent that strawberry consumption raises stability eritrotsitov to oxidising gemolizu, improving antioksidantnye properties of blood. A conclusion of the given research was that the strawberry is capable to slow down considerably ageing, and also to prevent a cancer.

the Strawberry should become a part of a daily healthy food - the author of research of Mauritsio Battino speaks.

it is interesting that strawberry cost is great enough and that the product is seasonal, therefore of 15 kg can dare to eat not all in a month of a strawberry. Thereupon, scientists want to test influence of a strawberry on the person in smaller quantities.