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Polluted air promotes memory loss

the American scientists from University of Ohio have found out that polluted air negatively influences a brain, memory and ability of the person to training, and also can cause depression.

Results of research have shown that long influence of polluted air leads to visible changes and negative consequences for a brain that, in turn, is at the bottom of many problems with health. It is an alarming sign for all who lives and works in strongly polluted city zones worldwide — has declared the head of research, the doctor of neurology of Laura Fonken.

During research of influence of dirty air scientists used laboratory mice which were exposed to influence of dirty steams. Mice breathed polluted air five days in a week for six hours a day within ten months. Air which was used by scientists, on the properties was almost identical to a city smog with exhaust gases, a household dust and an industrial production waste. In this air parts in the size 2,5 micrometers contain, these particles settle in human lungs.

After ten months of influence on mice scientists have spent a number of tests for memory and obuchaemost. Subject to dirty air it was required to more time for performance of tasks in comparison with not subject. Ability to remember an arrangement of subjects in a cage also has considerably decreased. Laboratory mice also showed a depression unlike the mice, breathing pure air.

After all tests scientists investigated the part of a brain responsible for training, memory and formation of emotions, and have found out appreciable difference of this area of a brain after smog influence. These differences have led to degradation of powers of thinking and formation of depressive behaviour.