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Bank Firdmana at last - that has died

Its former employees searches for FBI

Yesterday Bank of Russia has withdrawn the licence at Rusich the bank centre (RTSB). This credit organisation which was headed by chairman of board of directors Yury Firdman, appeared in a number of scandals with money NPF, and the former employees of bank searches for FBI.

As has informed the Central Bank, Rusich the centre bank had problems with liquidity and did not carry out of the obligation to clients. As appears from reporting RTSB, it from the end of last year regularly broke specifications Ν2 (instant liquidity) and Ν3 (current liquidity). Specification Ν2 (a minimum of 15 %) Rusich bank has started to break the centre since December of last year when it has decreased to 10,8 %, in the end of March the indicator has failed to 1,72 %. In April the bank broke Ν2 within all month, the minimum value of month has made 1,04 %, and 18 days - Ν3 (a minimum of 50 %) when it has fallen to 8,53 %. And Ν3 the bank broke specifications Ν2 and all the May long. In March Rusich the centre the bank has suspended reception of contributions of the population that has occurred from - for sanctions of Bank of Russia.

the Basic shareholders of Rusich the bank centre were Irina Kerimova (19,89 %), Dmitry Denisenko (19,73 %) and Ekaterina Moroz (19,70 %), 17 more % belong to the company “ Industrial traditions “. RTSB “ has become famous “ in scandal with management of pension accumulation NPF “ Well-being “ which means operated the shareholder of bank UK “ Industrial traditions “ working through the broker “ universal - Invest “. FSFR has deprived of the licence “ universal - Invest “ and also has forbidden carrying out of operations with means NPF “ Well-being “ at the desire of fund. It became known later that in “ universal - Investe “ unexpectedly “ podvisli “ bank actions “ the WHALE of Finans “ Belonging NPF which later all - taki have been translated in UK “ Kapital “.

Besides, it is known that were a top - manager Rusich the centre of bank of Andrey Stepanova the Russian ­ law enforcement bodies - according to FBI till now cannot find­, it disappears in Miami. Earlier in RTSB the group which was engaged in illegal cashing in of money resources and their illegal transfer abroad at a rate of 30 mlrd rbl. has been revealed, personally g - n Stepans the Former director " was enriched on 100 million rbl.; universal - Investa “ chairman of board of directors Rusich the centre of bank Yury Firdman denied all communication of the former subordinate with a crime and declared its innocence.

Yesterday the employee of bank a sad voice has informed that on a question on licence deprivation hardly someone will answer, and g - Firdmana, as she said, in bank for a long time already nobody saw. It is impossible to exclude that the Bank of Russia delayed licence withdrawal from Rusich the centre of bank half a year as this credit organisation had a good cover from agents of national security.