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the State sign : War with a cash in the near future some years are impossible

Quantity of cash in the country in the nearest will considerably be reduced, in spite of the fact that release of banknotes and coins manages to the state more cheaply, than maintenance of an infrastructure of electronic payments. About it referring to the statement of director FGUP Goznak Arcady Trachuka inform the Moscow news .

The day before Herman Gref has urged - minister Putin to declare the prime minister war with a cash . The president of the Savings Bank has suggested to translate payment bolshej to a part of salaries and pensions on bank cards, having reduced thus too high share of a cash in monetary weight. Decrease in a share of cash, according to Gref, will allow to reduce shadow economy scales — in Russia it makes 40 % — and to gain effect in 0,8 % of gross national product.

According to Savings Bank calculations, on service of a cash the country in 2009 has lost approximately 1,1 % of gross national product. For today the volume of cash in Russia makes 11,9 % of gross national product, in the USA, for comparison, — 6,6 %. Thus, cash service in Russia involves considerable expenses.

That the market gradually refused a cash in favour of electronic payments, it is necessary to make them more conveniently and more cheaply, however it is hardly possible in the near future, Arcady Trachuk considers. However, as he said, control over a cash already a year or two from now can be made same strict, as over non-cash expenses, — in the country there will be a technical possibility to equip a banknote inexpensive chips.