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Small business has achieved indulgences from Medvedev from the Kremlin

to Small business can meet: following the results of yesterday`s conversation of the president with the Penza businessmen it is supposed to accept some decisions which should facilitate existence to business. The simplified document circulation will be provided at the personnel account, the system of transition from ENVD to patents is once again studied, and for control over checking structures the separate post in each municipality can be entered.

Representatives of small business from the Penza region have addressed with complaints to difficulties of work in a reception of the president some time ago. Having studied complaints, the Presidential Administration has organised a meeting of businessmen with the head of the state. Yesterday, as well as wrote the day before daily, the Penza businessmen have brought to Dmitry Medvedev to the Kremlin the whole list of applications.

complaints on " Have been sounded; the unreasonable transport tax : Business asked Dmitry Medvedev to cancel it and to compensate losses at the expense of increase of the price for solar oil. As have noted daily in the Kremlin while this question is not solved as some regions last year have spoken against it. nevertheless cancellation is possible - the interlocutor daily in the Kremlin has not excluded.

Also to the president have complained of the checking. It was found out that to business all time is exposed by penalties for incorrect recycling of the fulfilled lubricating oil which merge on services from engines. Business has asked to oblige to be engaged in oil recycling the largest oil companies. to oblige the large oil companies to organise a point of gathering of the fulfilled oil with the subsequent recycling quite probably, - Medvedev has agreed and has promised to give the corresponding commission of administration. - let they will enclose a small shred of money, and it will be their contribution to environment .

One more complaint to checks has turned back the presidential commission for the Penza municipal authority directly at a meeting. The Penza businessmen, having complained about infinite checks, have asked, whether it is impossible to enter a main thing post on checks at level zamglavy in municipality. that such responsible person could checking call and ask during arrival of the help and in case they will come podoit also protection - businessmen have taken an interest. consider that I have given the corresponding commission to your mayor - Dmitry Medvedev has reacted to it.

Have sounded and tax complaints. Businessmen have complained that now, at cancellation of the uniform tax to the made income (ENVD) which rescued the small business earlier, many enterprises appear on the basic system of the taxation. It does our enterprise unprofitable, it is necessary either to close, or to be split up - visitors of the president have complained, having noticed that very few people falls under new tax schemes under actions of patents. As have noted daily in Presidential Administration, now the government on the instructions of the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov just is engaged utrjasaniem this scheme.

In end of conversation at the president have asked to think over combination of the simplified and usual tax system within the limits of one enterprise and to enter the simplified document circulation at the personnel account. on shots I will give the commission to work a simplified tax system under the account. And on combination I expect that there will be many opponents of this idea in tax department - simply because to understand such accounts department it will be impossible, but I promise to think - he has assured, having promised to continue to be engaged personally in improvement of an investment climate.

As the assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich has informed daily, following the results of a meeting the expanded list of commissions, including under the written reference of the Penza walkers will be prepared.