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Greece grasps at a straw

Athenes invent new ways of struggle against defaulters of taxes

the Authorities of a zone of euro do not hide discontent with how Greece keeps the promises on reduction of budgetary deficiency. In Athenes, from its part, perfectly understand that can remain without the next tranches of the international help, and puzzle over how to increase inflow of money to state treasury. The Ministry of Finance of Greece last week even has published the black list of defaulters of taxes. However, eurocommissioner Gjunter Ottinger in efficiency of these actions does not trust and suggests to send to the aid of the Greek officials of their colleagues from EU.

In the end of last week the Ministry of Finance of Greece has published the list of 6 thousand companies - malicious defaulters of taxes. They have run into debt to treasury in total 30 mlrd euro. Thus, the debt of the companies to the state makes approximately 12,5 % from gross national product, or nearly so third of a new package of the help of EU, ETSB and IMF. Railway state company OSE has headed this black list, whose debt has made almost 1,3 mlrd euro. Except it six basketball clubs, farms, transport companies have got to shame sheet of 13 professional football clubs.

business, however, will not be limited to the List of debtors. The Ministry of Finance has promised to hang up on a board of a shame and a surname of defaulters - private persons. For this purpose the permission from department on protection of the personal data, however, is required. According to the ministry, such transparency not only will induce debtors to pay off with the state, but also will raise level of trust of tax bearers. In total the state has missed from uklonistov (both private, and legal persons) nearby 42 mlrd euro. For comparison, last year in state treasury various taxes to a total sum 46 mlrd euro have arrived.

However, according to analysts, efficiency of similar actions is insignificant. such disposable measures can help. But to support public finances constantly in a healthy condition, it is necessary to compare all time level of operational expenditure with current incomes. And in this direction of Greece still it is necessary to make much - analyst Barclays Capital of Torsten Polljajt has told daily.

Inability of the Greek authorities to collect taxes was noted by the eurocommissioner on power of Gjunter Ottinger. the Problem is, obviously, not too effectively working administration in Greece. Departments do not cope with problems on taxation or state property sale - he has told in interview to German edition Bild and has there and then offered the original decision. is better would be to invite to long term to Greece the qualified officials from other EU Member States for consultations and administrative functions. They could operate, despite of contradictions, and stop this brothel. The one who demands solidarity from other states, should be ready to transfer a responsibility part for a certain time - has noted g - n Ottinger.

Comments g - reflect in Ottingera first of all growing disappointment not too big successes of Greece on struggle against budgetary deficiency and a state debt - has told g - n Polljajt.