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Abnormal downpours in Thailand have flooded a city - a resort Pattaya

the Strongest downpours have led to flooding at once in several provinces of Thailand. The resort city of Pattaya which has literally left under water has most suffered. And the number of victims of torrential rains in the country has reached 80 persons.

Today in 9. 00 Moscow time in Thailand the tropical downpour proceeding in a resort zone of the country at east coast of gulf of Siam 17 hours has stopped. Many city streets of Pattaya, located in 165 km to jugo - to the east from capital of the country of a city of Bangkok, have turned to the superficial rivers with a strong current. The ground floors of houses are impounded, under water cars half have left. Water from a city continues to flow down in the sea, and from - for it both on quay, and on central city streets adjoining to it huge traffic jams were formed. The transport message in a city is actually paralysed.

Flooding have led to victims. According to official figures, 80 persons, including one citizen of France who in rainy weather has decided to drive on a mountain bicycle are considered as victims. About victims among the Russian tourists it is not known. The authorities of Thailand already evacuated a part of settlements. It is recommended to tourists to refuse temporarily visiting of national parks and falls, transfers news agency.

All under elements blow 2,82 thousand settlements with the general population of 466 thousand persons in 16 provinces of Thailand, and also 589 thousand in hectare of agricultural grounds and 29 national highways have got. Weather forecasters predict that torrential rains can cause high waters and local flooding in 32 provinces of kingdom. Weather services specify in a dangerous situation in the coastal areas of the country washed by waters of gulf of Siam and Andaman sea.

Abnormal deposits already twice from the beginning of year caused strong flooding in Thailand. In September powerful downpours for the first time this year have fallen on severo - the western provinces of the country, having created threat of flooding for capital of Thailand of Bangkok. In case of overflow of the mountain water basins being in a province of Kanchanaburi both feeding the river Chaoprajja and a Bangkok waterpipe, a city part it can appear under a half-metre sheet of water.

Besides, this year rains have begun before the usual. And within August and September deposits considerably exceed norm for this period. Rosturizm recommended leaving in this country before round purchase to get acquainted with a weather forecast.