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On atomic power station there is a threat of leak of radiation

Explosion has occurred today on the atomic power station Markul which is in department Gar in the south of France. There is a risk of leak of radiation. Now circumstances of incident are specified, at station rescuers and firemen work.

Explosion has occurred nearby 11. 45 local time (13. 45 Moscow time) after a fire on a platform for storage of a radioactive waste. As a result of state of emergency one person was lost, three have suffered. Under the certificate of the rescuers working on a scene, there is a danger of emission of radiation. A place of state of emergency the protective perimetre is already surrounded, established, and in atomic power station territory firemen and representatives of prefecture Gar work, newspaper Le Figaro writes. For evacuation of wounded men at power station the helicopter is on duty.

Failure has happened in territory of centre Centraco belonging to company Socodei, branch EDF (lectricit de France, the French company on electricity manufacture). Centraco — the centre on processing and air-conditioning of a nuclear waste, is opened in 1999. A waste collected from nuclear manufactures is stored in the centre, from the research centres, and also from hospitals (medical isotopes), they possess low or very low activity (it is the irradiated metal, overalls and gloves, liquids, solvents — the subjects which had contact to split materials).

Nuclear station Markul it is located approximately in 30 km from Avignon, cities on the left coast of Rhone in Provence. In a city lives about 90 thousand persons. In the summer of 2008 Avignon has already undergone to radioactive pollution. On July, 8th, 2008 on nuclear power station and in the centre of processing of a nuclear waste Trikasten In 40 km from a city there was a flood of 30 cubic m of a liquid to not enriched uranium. It has got in two nearby rivers. The authorities hid incident from the population about 12 hours then have urged not to drink water from the rivers and not is the fish caught there, Russian service Bi - bi - si transfers.

Gorod Markul — one of the centres of the nuclear industry of France. It is located in the south of the country, in a valley of the river of Rhone. Nuclear manufacture there has been opened in 1956. Now the station copes the Commissariat on atomic energy (CEA) and the state company Areva. On the atomic power station in Markule three nuclear reactors of double appointment (plutonium and electric power manufacture) operate.

Atomic power stations provide approximately 80 % of the electric power consumed in France. The country — the largest manufacturer of atomic energy in Europe. In its territory works an order of 58 nuclear reactors. Even after failure on Fukushima the government of France strong keeps for the atomic power stations and constantly refers to their safety. By the way, world leaders in manufacture of the nuclear electric power are the USA, France, Japan, Russia, Korea and Germany.