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The robot - the director

the Supercomputer can be used to carry out justice over people

Ideas of science fiction writers, seemingly, come true - the clever car can become the main judge of mankind. Experts consider a variant when computers will start to define, or not the person is guilty of this or that crime, and to take out punishment.

It is impossible to tell, whether there will be a computer court the most humane court in the world, but, according to scientists, definitely the car will manage to take out as much as possible impartial verdict, as they say, despite of ranks and awards. Supercomputer Watson from IBM became the major candidate for a role of the first robotised judge. And possibility of its application in jurisprudence was analysed by experts from authoritative Jelsky law school.

Watson has become famous for that has inflicted defeat over the person, participating in intellectual game Jeopardy (analogue in Russia - The game ) . The car is more successful than people - competitors answered the questions formulated to leaders, and has arranged repeated winners of this transfer.

Now scientists search for application to capacities Watson. For example, the medicine became area where want to use intelligence of a supercomputer. In insurance company WellPoint have conceived the first commercial use of the car. It will be involved to make forecasts about a state of health wishing to receive the medical insurance for the purpose of more exact calculation of cost of the insurance certificate.

Now it is not excluded that Watson becomes that computer which will set people thinking: instead of whether to start to use such cars in courts?

However, researchers do not hasten to put yet the robot in an armchair of the judge. They only notice that Watson is very qualitative text analyzer. In particular, the computer easily copes with to choose a true word meaning on sense, studying a text context. We will tell, it should make a correct choice concerning a word onions - to disassemble, it is told about a plant or about the weapon.

Thus, the American experts believe that Watson it would turn out to use if not as the judge it is exact for processing of all documentation represented in court. The car could analyze it that is called, without superfluous emotions . And it would be serious step to fair court where even the mighty of this world cannot affect a Themis.

As the assistant to the general director on products and technologies of the company " has confirmed daily; T - Platforms Alexey Komkov, supercomputer Watson really one of the most appreciable achievements in the field of artificial intelligence creation, however even it works on in advance put algorithm.

Such systems give huge possibilities of the analysis of the diverse information, but hardly they can force out themselves participants of litigation, - argues g - n Lumps. - after all on accepted by the judge or board of jurymen the decision considerable influence renders the emotional factor formed during litigation. And here any supercomputers appear are powerless - as though well they were able to think, feel and empathize them yet have not taught .