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Smile of a lion: the review of operating system Mac OS X Lion

250 new functions — such figure flaunts Apple, praising highly new operatsionku. We have decided to find out, what possibilities Mac OS X Lion can be interesting including to the people far from poppies .

One of loud epplovskih releases of this year there was a start of shop of appendices for computers Mac. And so, itself zakachka a new operating system from Mac App Store occurs how if it was the usual appendix unless adjusted for weight — about 4 Gb. Anyway OS installation became business by more simple. At last, and itself Mac App Store it is built in in itself OS X Lion. And the downloaded appendices automatically are established in specially entered section under name Launchpad.

the Important innovation occurrence of new gestures Multi - Touch, to be exact movements on touch and reacting to pressing trekpadu with which the user operates an event on the screen became direct in the program. And if in performance standard muscular functions makovsky trekpad it is rather intuitive, in a case with operations it is necessary to learn the necessary movements and quantity of fingers with which you make gestures more difficult.

For example to be switched between opened in polnoekrannom a mode programs it will turn out at smahivanii to the right or to the left shown together index, average and anonymous fingers. And to scroll long the Internet - page, it is necessary to spend two fingers either upwards, or downwards. And so on, and so forth — unmistakably to cope with possibilities trekpada, training is required. It does not concern, probably, only the most obvious appeared gesture which here arose — scalings of the image by data and cultivation of the big and index fingers.

the expanded possibilities on work with files became not less interesting news. For example, document autopreservation at all stage of work with it is entered, therefore more it is not required to do intermediate preservations of a file manually. Record of changes of the document in process of its creation will be kept Also. Differently, after long laborious work on the text it will turn out to return to all its previous versions and if necessary to copy from them the most successful pieces. Besides, even after reboot of the computer or program restart thrown midway the file will open in that kind in which has been left.

There was also a function under name AirDrop which it is possible to name in any degree Social . It scans surrounding space and, having found in radius of 9 m another Mac, establishes with it wireless connection for file exchange if, of course, the owner of other computer is not against.

In the fresh version operatsionki there is also a weight of other changes like occurrence of a large-format mode in post program Mail or the new panel the Selected works which gives simple access to most often used folders, however to name it a new word language will not turn. In the rest Mac OS X Lion — standard makovskaja with the same interface and almost invariable in comparison with predecessor OS X Snow Leopard a set of icons on a desktop.