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Hallo, MTS - bank

IBRD changes the name and strategy

Soon Moscow bank of reconstruction and development (IBRD) will replace strategy. From keptivnogo bank AFK System IBRD wants to turn to the retail player, having renamed into MTS - bank. The credit organisation will use branches of the cellular operator as a point of sales.

As Elena Voronina has told daily the vice-president of board of IBRD, by 2016 a share roznitsy in balance is planned to finish to 60 % instead of today`s 20 %. In the credit organisation have informed that the rebrending is supposed next year, but the new name have not opened. Sources in the bank market have informed daily that the Moscow bank of reconstruction and development will receive MTS name - bank. MTS company, as well as IBRD bank, belongs AFK System Vladimir Yevtushenkov (at corporation more than 50 % of actions of MTS, the rest - in the free reference).

the Basic emphasis in development of a retail segment of IBRD will make on the card project. In October in all salons of MTS it will be possible to issue a card MTS Money on which the client can use all bank services of IBRD. Now the pilot project is carried out in 2 thousand points of sales. To use a card MTS Money it will be possible not only in cash dispenses, but also in services mobile and the Internet - bank. In MTS salons the credit organisation plans to work under the agency scheme. Accent in the project MTS Money becomes on remote service, therefore branches of the cellular operator will be used first of all as points of sales, instead of mini - bank offices. In MTS have informed that together with IBRD realise the project MTS Money in which frameworks the operator advances credit cards under the brand. expansion of a spectrum of financial services " is in the long term possible; - have not excluded in MTS.

By 2016 it is planned to let out an order of 15 million cards MTS Money - Elena Voronina has told. As she said, today the total amount of all cards emitted by bank (not within the limits of the project) makes about 1 million, operating of them - about 400 thousand pieces.

Simultaneously with introduction of the card project of MTS - the bank will continue to work and in other retail niches. So, this year IBRD again began to give out mortgage loans work with which has been suspended in crisis. A mortgage share in a retail portfolio it is planned to finish by 2016 to 60 %. Now the volume of mortgage loans on balance is insignificant, as we some time did not work in the mortgage market, and the bank sold qualitative loans - has noted g - zha Voronina.

Now in Russia one more bank offering the services in salons of cellular communication, - Coherent bank operates. It, as well as MTS - bank, the rate does on a universal plastic card. At the expense of presence at 2400 centres of mobile communication Coherent we have in a short space of time got access to clients across all Russia - marks the vice-president of board of Coherent bank Evgenie Davydovich. In October to bank year will be executed, the credit portfolio for September, 1st has made 7 mlrd rbl., number of clients - more than 700 thousand persons.