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Banks have followed money in the Central Bank

On the threshold of liquidity decrease

In July banks have shown growth of own capital on 46 mlrd rbl., actively borrowing money in Bank of Russia and on Mezhbank. Banks prepared for hard times in advance, after all as the first vice-president of the Central Bank Alexey Uljukaev has declared, in the autumn in bank sector liquidity decrease will be observed.

According to statistics MFPA, in July most capital has increased the Savings Bank: it basically was affected by current profit which for this month has increased on 30 mlrd rbl. In the Savings Bank yesterday did not begin to make comments on the reason of growth of own capital in July. Rosbank capital &mdash has increased also; on 11,2 mlrd rbl. There have explained that it is connected with association of Rosbank and Bank Sosete Zheneral the East. Japanese Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank which has increased own means in July on 7 mlrd rbl. became the third

As analysts MFPA mark, decrease in the capital of banks is connected with losses from creation of additional reserves at crediting. A three of outsiders represent VTB (on 7,3 mlrd rbl.), ยาม24 (on 7 mlrd rbl.) and ING Bank Evrazija (on 2 mlrd rbl.) . In group VTB daily have explained that capital reduction basically is connected with acquisition of a share of Transkreditbanka at the Russian Railway.

One of these days the first vice-president of the Central Bank Alexey Uljukaev has noticed that decrease in liquidity concerning today`s level in 1 trln rbl. As he said in the autumn will be observed, toughening of a budgetary policy and financial discipline can become the reason for that. Bank “ Uralsib “ within July has involved an order 8,1 mlrd rbl. from which 5,1 mlrd has already returned. Appeared among borrowers of the Central Bank in July bank “ TSentrokredit “ was slightly more modest: taking 3,8 mlrd rbl., it has returned 2,4 mlrd rbl., mark in MFPA. In both banks did not begin to make comments on the reason of loans in the Central Bank.

Have increased the credit organisations the activity and on Mezhbank. According to MFPA, the total amount of the market rouble MBK for a month has grown on 1,5 %, to 3,36 trln rbl. In leaders among net - borrowers are registered group VTB, group “ Gazprom “ And Communication - bank (see the table). In VTB have explained that delay on rouble MBK at a rate of 3,5 mlrd rbl. basically is connected with the credit of Mezhprombanku. The head of service “ Exchequer “ Communication - bank Cyril Zverzhansky has explained that in money, “ involved in market MBK, all means given by the parent company &mdash technically get; development Bank, including means subordinirovannyh loans on 26 mlrd the rbl., given Communication - to bank for ten years “.

Leaders on delivery of credits in market MBK under version MFPA of a steel the Savings Bank, IBRD and Nordea - bank. “ growth of volumes of crediting speaks presence at bank of high liquidity in roubles and activization of credit operations “ — the vice-president of IBRD Alexey Salashchenko has explained. The chief of exchequer Nordea - bank Dmitry Zhitny has noticed that growth of volumes on rouble MBK is connected with inflow on short-term deposits of means of legal persons.

In MFPA mark one more interesting moment: at bank “ St.-Petersburg “ in July delay at a rate of 600 million rbl. which same month has been extinguished was generated, at the same time at Citybank the debts with its subsequent repayment for the same sum have been reflected. In bank “ St.-Petersburg “ have explained that this delay is purely technical and is connected with feature of calculations under eurobonds.