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The bank of Russia aims terminals

Total control for NKO will begin in two weeks

the Central Bank starts to watch not bank credit organisations which are engaged in transfers without bank account opening more steadfastly. Such NKO should hand over in Bank of Russia the statistics under specifications of sufficiency of the capital and liquidity daily.

Yesterday the Central Bank has published the project of the instruction on regulation of specifications NKO accepting payments without opening of the account. For such companies two obligatory specifications - under the capital and on liquidity are established. Besides, 1. 1, similar to bank specification 1, should not fall below 2 %. The data under specifications will give not bank credit organisations in a daily mode. The corresponding instruction starts to operate on September, 29th after publication in the Bulletin of Bank of Russia .

the Specification of sufficiency of capital 1. 1 will pay off so: own means of bank will share on its obligations and to be multiplied by 100 %. Obligations are meant as obligations NKO on transfer of money resources without account opening. Thus, the regulator can limit accepted NKO risks depending on the size of the capital. The specification of liquidity 15. 1 will pay off also with the account of obligations: the formula is similar to the specification under the capital, only instead of volume of own means the volume of liquid actives will be considered.

For those NKO, whose volume of obligations on transfers exceeds 2 mlrd rbl. for half a year, additional requirements are established. Such organisations two times a year will hand over in the Central Bank the turnover sheet under accounts of accounting, data on operations with use of cards and with currency, and also to report about profits and losses.

Regulation NKO - one of steps on law introduction About national payment system The deputy of the State Duma, financial ombudsman Pavel Medvedev marks. as to specifications 2 % of sufficiency of the capital for bank are a death and licence withdrawal. If NKO will break this border the Central Bank will apply measures, instead of to close the organisation - speaks g - n Medvedev. there was an information that through NKO doubtful operations, including a conclusion of means abroad are performed. It can be one of the reasons of toughening of supervision for NKO - the head of association of regional banks " considers; Russia deputy Anatoly Aksakov.