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Alexey Kudrin has promised to an eurozone the help

the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin has promised to give a hand to a zone of euro of the help, informs referring to Reuters. As the head of the Ministry of Finance has declared in interview to agency, Moscow will buy eurobonds of the currency union if the decision on their release is accepted. It should help an eurozone which number of the countries worries serious debt crisis.

Thus, according to Alexey Kudrin, Moscow will continue to work with obligations of the separate countries of an eurozone for the sake of a diversification of risks and carries on negotiations for financing with Cyprus which result can become known within the next month.

“ We cāīč hold currency reserves on accounts in the Central bank, and our means in total amount of gold and exchange currency reserves take place including in the European markets in the bond “ — has declared vitse - the prime minister at summit Reuters. The minister also has reminded that the international reserves of the Russian Federation on 45 % consist of euro, namely from state bonds of all leading countries of a zone of euro. “ and as soon as you see that on 10 mlrd dollars gold and exchange currency reserves of Russia have grown, means, is exact 4,5 mlrd dollars are enclosed in the bond of the countries of an eurozone “ — the minister has informed.

According to the head of the Ministry of Finance, in case of expansion of the mechanism of stabilisation fund of a zone of euro on bonds and eurobonds Russia with pleasure will be included into such fund. “ we are ready part of means to enclose through (uniform) eurobonds, but anyway we will work and through the countries. We will always diversify risks on the different countries “ — he has noted.

Alexey Kudrin has reminded that Russia does not carry on negotiations for the financial help from one of the countries of a zone of euro, except for Cyprus. “ The eurozone countries to us basically did not address, because they have mechanisms and if they did not use them, they will not address to other countries “ — he has informed. We will remind, Cyprus plans to occupy from Russia 2 — 2,5 mlrd euro for five years on purpose to correct reeled financial position of republic.