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Army of well-aimed marksmen

For prevention “ the Arabian scenario “ snipers

the Joint Staff of the Minister of Defence will be necessary for the Russian army intend to increase quantity of the snipers serving in armies. Specialised divisions will appear in each brigade. The general has explained such decision new realities modern boestolknoveny, plus has not excluded in the long term in Russia national excitements on “ to the Arabian scenario “. Experts welcome the initiative of military men, reminding that snipers have proved the efficiency during the Chechen campaigns.

Separate sniper divisions will be soon created in each brigade of the Russian Armed forces. Such plans yesterday, making comments on carried out reform of Armed forces, the chief of the Joint Staff Nikolay Makarov has sounded.

the Reason of sniper strengthening, according to the general, consists in increase of their role at conducting modern operations, especially in cities. Moreover, the military man has not excluded in Russia of excitements on “ to the Arabian scenario “. As he said, revolutions in Tunis, Egypt and Libya have shown that the Russian army should be ready to the worst variants of development of political conditions in the country.

In each branch of such division one sniper will be registered. According to the source daily in the Minister of Defence, it is the most probable that the sniper platoon will be given each brigade. Thus the military leader did not begin to hide that at the beginning rifles for the Russian snipers begin to be bought abroad. Skeleton of the sniper case in army will be made by sergeants - contract employees who will come to the office from the middle of 2012.

“ the right decision is absolute, considering that experience of the first and second Chechen campaigns has shown importance and capacity of sniper groups as a part of fighting divisions, - the member of social council has commented daily at Minister of Defence Igor Korotchenko­. - It is important that snipers who will serve in brigades, will be equipped by qualitative samples of foreign rifles. That is efficiency of shooting and moshchnostnye characteristics " will raise;.

“ Now most of all snipers in army of the North Korea - there ten sniper brigades, - were told daily by the head of the Center of military forecasting Anatoly Tsyganok. - moreover, North Korean army - unique in the world, having except snipers also professionally prepared 300 kamikazes. Russia, of course, to adopt experience of condemned men it is not necessary, and here to look narrowly to training of snipers in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea sense has. Because unequivocally now there will be a problem - how to prepare such considerable quantity of snipers, whence them to take, on what base to train who will train them “.

the Soviet school of preparation of snipers, according to experts, was very strong, but in due course, unfortunately, has fallen into decay. “ The sniper - the piece goods, it prepares not one year, therefore it unequivocally there should be professional contract employees, - has specified g - n Korotchenko. - Here we cannot count on regular soldiers, as in olden days when was nuggets from number srochnikov which have learnt to shoot well from SVD " enough;.