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The assistant to governors and obedinitel regions

Nikolay Vinnichenko in 2012 is ready to return to idea of association of Petersburg and Leningrad region

Association of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region can become again actual after elections of 2012, the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - the Western federal district Nikolay Vinnichenko believes. While the new plenipotentiary intends to observe of legality on elections and to help the governor of Petersburg George Poltavchenko with preparation of a city for winter.

Less weeks has passed since that moment as Nikolay Vinnichenko has replaced Ilya Klebanov on a post of the plenipotentiary of the president in SZFO. Yesterday the new representative of the president has decided to designate the priorities on immediate prospects. Changes in personnel structure of the plenipotentiary representation first of all are expected. now I get acquainted with work of the employees, in particular assistants and assistants in directions. I think that we within a month will understand, is exclusive through a prism of professionalism of each separate head - the plenipotentiary to journalists has told.

Unlike the predecessor g - n Vinnichenko intends to interfere with the processes occurring in Petersburg actively. the problem I see in helping the governor with the decision of arising problems - he has noted. Thus the representative of the president for the present did not meet George Poltavchenko, but intends to make it in the near future.

G - n Vinnichenko counts on constructive interaction from new owner Smolnogo. I am convinced that no preconditions to conflicts or unsoluble situations are present and will not be - the official has noted. Prime questions which demand the joint decision: overcoming of consequences of financial crisis, unemployment and debts liquidation under the salary, the decision of problems of housing and communal services, preparation for winter.

the Plenipotentiary of the president promises to watch carefully observance of legality during elections on December, 4th. I have formulated today such problem before the employees. I consider that elections it first of all the person of the federal authority and depends on legality of their carrying out including an estimation people of authorities in power - it has explained.

the phrase about possible association of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region became Most appreciable of yesterday`s statements g - on Poltavchenko. while this question for Severo - the Western federal district in the agenda is not necessary. I suggest to return to it in the middle of next year - the plenipotentiary has declared.

the Petersburg political scientist Grigory Golosov considers that in this phrase the latent threat to the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukovu contains. But I do not understand, for what it was necessary to do it right now - the expert has noted.

the Theme with association of two important regions is now untimely, it do not want to touch before elections, the head of the International institute of political examination Evgenie Minchenko considers. As he said, next year this problem can become actual again. However if to go by the way of merge of regions this process can be tightened for years. One of subjects will faster integrate. I do not exclude that the model not associations can be chosen, and cutting of any new subject as it already occurs in a situation to Moscow and Moscow Region - has noted g - n Minchenko. Then association process can be finished much faster.