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By Matvienko it was tried on to the Federation Council

For the future speaker of Council of Federation already have repaired Mironov`s office

Eks - the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko yesterday for the first time has visited the Federation Council in the rank of the simple senator. Its first day in Council of Federation has appeared short. It has appeared all for some minutes - has passed with excursion on chamber, has studied a boardroom, but in svezheotremontirovannyj after Sergey Mironov`s leaving an office of the speaker has not come. Colleagues Matvienko say that the future speaker has decided to observe procedure and to wait election which is necessary to it on September, 21st.

As representatives of secretary of the upper chamber have told daily, they have met Valentina Matvienko yesterday in the morning on the ground floor of a building of the Federation Council and have shown a hall of plenary sessions. Then the new senator spent to an office of the representative of Petersburg on the eighth floor (before it the former representative of a city Vladimir Barkanov occupied). There, as it was found out, there was already a tablet with a name of the new mistress. In an office of the senator from Petersburg Valentina Matvienko was not late - to the status of the simple senator and corresponding office eks - the governor to get used especially does not hasten. And for this purpose there are bases.

on September, 21st at plenary session of the Federation Council of Matvienko should select the speaker. Then the new speaker will change on two floors more low, Sergey Mironov`s office. According to employees of the device, a spacious study of the speaker have already released from things of its former owner. An extensive collection of minerals which decorated an office, eks - the speaker has taken out right after how it was deprived by posts. Mironov has transferred a collection in the Geological museum, has informed daily a press - the secretary of fraction Fair Russia Svetlana Gupalova. After that the office has been repaired for the new mistress. repair in an office of the speaker on the sixth floor is finished and waits for the new owner - has confirmed daily the representative a press - services of the Federation Council Alla Mezentsev.

New colleagues Matvienko have apprehended its arrival frostily - optimistically. The chairman of committee on social policy and protege Sergey Mironov Valentine Petrenko has assured spetskorrespondenta daily that for a long time stands up for that in the politician was more women. I consider that on an arena of politics 25-30 % of women in general should work and only joint efforts of men and women it is possible to make the balanced decisions - voodushevlenno she has informed, having added that to women it is time to be consolidated .

From the female point of view g - zha Petrenko has estimated g - zhu Matvienko extremely highly. Valentina Ivanovna never looked the official. It looks as the ideal head and the ideal woman! Matvienko`s the most important advantage, in my opinion, it the rectilinear person. To me imposes that she does not want to be pleasant specially - it was scattered in Valentine Petrenko`s compliments, having noticed that between women - senators of a competition cannot be.

the Man`s half of senate has treated Matvienko`s occurrence also favourably. meet on odezhke, and see off on mind - the councillor of Federation from the Chelyabinsk area of Ruslan Gattarov has commented daily on forthcoming changes in the upper chamber.

how in chamber concern Valentina Matvienko`s plans to reform Council of Federation, senators have carefully held back. Meanwhile the future speaker already passed an opinion on inadmissibility of creation in Council of Federation of political fractions (for what head Fair Russia Sergey Mironov was repeatedly criticised by United Russia party members and as a result has lost). Besides, g - zha Matvienko critically expressed dependence of senators on the governor (which can change the representative as to it it will be wished).