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The propagandist of the Kremlin

has replaced Oleg Govoruna the expert in mass-media and PR Konstantin Kostin

the chief of department of Presidential Administration internal policy became Yesterday Konstantin Kostin. It is known as the strong propagandist, throughout several years actively working in the Kremlin from mass-media. In AP daily have noticed that g - on Kostin Vladislav Surkov has offered personally, and in parties have expressed confidence that this appointment - strengthening of a propaganda component in AP to elections. In the Communist Party of the Russian Federation daily have reminded that on last elections supervised by Kostin of mass-media furiously worked against the Communist Party of the Russian Federation . And Kostin`s former members of the same party in an United Russia have noted its talents in a sneer company and political provocations .

Konstantin Kostin has replaced on Oleg Govoruna`s post which the president has appointed one week ago the plenipotentiary in the Central federal district. The new chief of department of internal policy Kostin all professional life was engaged weights - media and PR. It has ended faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University, in 1994-1997 held a post of the head of department of advertising of bank Menatep and in 1997-1998 - the m supervised over bank management on mass-media where as speak, and has made friends with the present chief - the first zamglavy administrations of the Kremlin Vladislav Surkovym.

Before arrival on an Old Square Kostin has worked zamrukovoditelja the central executive committee an United Russia . Then Vladislav Surkov has taken away it in Presidential Administration to supervise PR and mass-media. In an United Russia about it prefer to speak incognito. Kostin all time supervised a sneer company and political provocations. For example, in 2003 - m it has organised in the Oryol region, native for Zyuganov, its museum where instead of Lenin`s cut off head have attached to a monument Zyuganov`s head. In 2005 Kostin supervised struggle with Apple and the Native land in 2007 - m - from Union of Right Forces - the interlocutor in party leadership has shared with daily on the condition of anonymity.

the Interlocutor has characterised Konstantin Kostin as the expert on a sneer company and methods of struggle against opposition . It did suggestions to deputies of the State Duma that they sounded the necessary things, - and to United Russia party members, and eseram - the representative " speaks; an United Russia which is assured that on a new post he will be engaged in the same, especially during the beginning elective period. Other United Russia party member has noted among personal qualities of the new chief of the department ability implicitly to execute orders .

In the Communist Party of the Russian Federation also have preferred to speak about Kostin anonymously. As considers one of supervising communists if earlier management was strong from the organizational point of view, Kostin`s appointment shows desire to strengthen a propaganda component in AP before elections . At the Communist Party of the Russian Federation the relation guarded to this appointment as the pool of mass-media supervised by Kostin rather furiously worked against the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on last elections - the interlocutor admits party leadership.

In Presidential Administration daily did not hide that Kostin`s appointment is connected with elections. Kostin has appointed itself Marmots. It is its creature - the interlocutor in the Kremlin has noted. One more interlocutor in AP has noticed that most likely Kostin remains on a post exactly to presidential elections then the Kremlin administration essential shifts expect.

He/she is the person who very well understands and modern political strategies, and political processes. He/she is the person strong, very strong! He is able to defend the position and to put it into practice, therefore, it seems to me, it will cope with new duties - has characterised the former colleague the first zamsekretarja presidium gensoveta an United Russia Andrey Isaev who with special feeling has noticed that in the Kremlin management have not appointed any commando that testifies about to a strong team .

Experts not so are inspired by appointment. still with 90 - h Kostin worked together with Surkovym in advertising - piarovskom department Menatepa . Then employees of various banks could write in the Businessman under the pretext of journalists. Konstantin Kostin there took comments from Surkova - the president of the research centre " has shared with daily memoirs; the Political analytics the former journalist Michael Tulsky.