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Putin has ordered to tariffs to equal on inflation

And has thrown natural monopolies for an embrasure

In 2012 all tariffs, except the tariff for gas, should not grow more than on a rate of inflation (6 %), Vladimir Putin has solved. But the main thing, the prices will spread upwards not since January, 1st, as usual, and since July, 1st. It is not connected with March presidential elections in any way, has denied guesses of journalists the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov.

To presidential elections Russia promises to come with the minimum inflation. At session of the commission on budgetary proektirovkam Vladimir Putin has ordered to tariffs to grow not since January, 1st, as usual, and since July, 1st. And also has moderated appetites of natural monopolies, naming a rise in prices ceiling - everything, except gas (admissible growth - 15 %), should rise in price no more than for 6 %.

Business asked for a long time us questions why the White house allows tariffs to advance inflation, - has explained after session the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov. - this year we have agreed - unfairly . Inflation carrying over on summertime is not connected in any way with the futures in March 2012 - go presidential elections, Shuvalov has assured. carrying over of growth of tariffs for July, 1st was discussed for a long time - Elvira Nabiullina has supported the colleague the minister of economic development. certainly, we could make the decision on cycle carrying over for July, 1st one year later, but did not want to delay - has added the first vitse - the prime minister.

In natural monopolies with the decision of the White house are not so happy, Igor Shuvalov did not begin to hide. there expected higher laths on growth of tariffs - he has declared. Each half-received percent of growth of tariffs means losses. For Gazprom it is 8 mlrd rbl. for a year, for energetikov - 1,5 mlrd rbl. For the Russian Railway - 10,5 mlrd, has counted up g - zha Nabiullina. however investment programs of natural monopolies should not suffer, eventually, they can resort to loans - has added the minister. And the Russian Railway the state compensates losses additional 40 mlrd rbl. on safety and repair of roads.

Vladimir Putin`s Decision in its environment named very serious, essentially new and actually sensational . In economy it will not entail warps, are assured of the White house. The forecast of the Ministry of Finance for 2012: a budgeted deficit in 1,5 % of gross national product (incomes - 11,8 trln rbl., expenses - 12,6 trln). The prime minister hopes that in a reality all will be even better. this year we leave on the sufficient budget though planned deficiency at level of 3,6-3,7 %, - it has reminded. - I Hope, the similar situation will be and in 2012 . The budget for 2012 Vladimir Putin named the development budget But has thus specified that all social obligations of the state will be to be executed implicitly .