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Michael Prokhorov threatens to leave from the Just cause

the Leader the Just cause Michael Prokhorov has declared that regional party leaders have received rigid requirements from governors and Presidential Administration to vote at forthcoming congress against inclusion in Evgenie Rojzmana`s federal list, heads of fund the City without drugs . In turn, Prokhorov threatens to leave party together with Rojzmanom if that leaves.

Michael Prokhorov`s Representative has told that on the party leader rigidly press, that it has cleaned Evgenie Rojzmana, saying that it is harmful, dangerous also such as it, should not be in the Duma writes today Kommersant . Thus the representative of the party leader has underlined that Prokhorov Rojzmana will not hand over .

Michael Prokhorov has noted, what even is ready to leave party if delegates of congress vote against its initiative (about inclusion of Rojzmana in federal to ten). If the situation becomes critical, we will leave together, I have pledged you a word has confirmed words of the leader the Just cause Evgenie Rojzman.

Nevertheless Evgenie Rojzman keeps confidently enough. The head of fund has answered a question why the Kremlin achieves its nonparticipation in elections that up to the end does not understand . Rojzman has assumed that it stand-alone and allows to say that thinks on all questions . Though me wet, at me millions supporters, on me it is impossible to press. For example, I say that it is necessary to forbid financing of parties to manufacturers of alcohol and tobacco. It is blow on an United Russia Evgenie Rojzman in interview " has declared; to the Businessman .

However the leader of the Kirov branch the Just cause Andrey Mauri supposes a variant at which Michael Prokhorov will leave party. he consecutive and the person of acts, words on a wind does not throw. If will reach a variant or it, or Rojzman for certain will occur, as he speaks Andrey Mauri sums up.

48 - summer Evgenie Rojzman the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the fourth convocation, the poet, the businessman, the fighter with drug-dealing, and also the honorary member of the Russian academy of Arts. In 1981 has gone to prison for swindle, but in 1984 the previous conviction has been removed. In 1999 it together with adherents has based fund the City without drugs engaged in struggle against drug-dealing in Ekaterinburg and vicinities. It helps opening of the similar organisations on the country. The fund has created two rehabilitation centres for addicts, and also the children`s rehabilitation centre in which lives about two tens homeless children.

In 2007 Evgenie Rojzman has begun the political career and has entered fraction and in party Fair Russia . On September, 13th, 2007 it has been put forward the first number of one of lists of this party on Sverdlovsk area on December elections in the State Duma. However at the All-Russia congress on September, 23rd, 2007 the nominee of Rojzmana has been excluded from the party list. In October Rojzman has left party.

In July, 2011 the politician was included into the federal list of party the Just cause . On September, 14 15th its nominee will be discussed by delegates of congress of Michael Prokhorov.