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United Russia party members will spend for congress of 50 million roubles

Forthcoming pre-election congress an United Russia which will pass on September, 23 24rd, will manage to the party budget in 40 50 million rbl., informs referring to the statement to the head of the Central executive committee of United Russia party members of Andrey Vorobeva. It rather zatratnoe action, but it will not put a crushing blow under our budget the politician is assured.

Andrey Vorobev has expressed hope that on future elections in the State Duma the party will repeat success of 2007 and will receive the strong majority . Thus possible charges of opponents in use of an administrative resource at all do not excite the head of the Central Electoral Committee of United Russia party members. As he said, to justify in vital plans of party does not enter. as to charges and other things, here we will say that we have made and that we are going to make Andrey Vorobev has declared.

the Politician named election campaign and preparation for congress pleasant efforts . Political strike, election campaign the major, an integral part of our life. But, naturally, 2011 is filled by events. Well and further we, without relaxing, we will prepare and for 2012 the head of the Central Electoral Committee of United Russia party members has promised.