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the Locomotive will extinguish contract obligations to victims

Yaroslavl the Locomotive will carry out of the contract obligations to the lost sportsmen and employees of club in full. Also relatives of victims will receive indemnifications from the insurance company, besides, to families of hockey players will pay money from the regional budget.

the state help for execution by club " Will be rendered; the Locomotive contract obligations to players — gives of a word of the president of Continental hockey league (KHL) Alexander Medvedev of RIA News . As he said, in the near future the minimum sum of payments under contracts will be defined. the state help for execution by club " will be rendered; the Locomotive contract obligations to players according to regulations KHL — Quotes Alexander Medvedev`s RIA Novosti news agency. for those who had no big salaries, the lath will be lifted on essential level — head KHL has explained.

Judges KHL already declared earlier the desire to help relatives of victims. They declared earnings transfer for one match in fund of the help to families of victims of tragedy. Into their accounts means from donations will arrive also. the area and league will make everything that various sharomygi have not received access to money — has declared g - n Medvedev.

On Friday the governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey Vahrukov has informed that from the regional budget to a family of each lost passenger the Yak - 42 will be paid 300 thousand rbl., and on 150 thousand will be allocated by the mayoralty. Thus several days before news agency has published the statement that any additional actions from the government for maintenance of indemnification is not required to families of victims. By words the press - the secretary of premieres - minister Dmitry Peskova, the government will involve indemnification mechanisms when it is a question of acts of nature and acts of terrorism.

the Company Leksgarant which the plane which has broken in Yaroslavl region the Yak - 42 has been insured, has begun payment of indemnifications to families of victims already on September, 9th. The insurance company confirms that payments of insurance compensation will be carried out in full. The size of insurance compensation on each lost passenger the Sponsor of club " should make 2,025 million rbl.

; the Locomotive Open Society the Russian railways also will create welfare fund which will help ice-hockey team revival. At present the Russian Railway was already opened by the account on gathering of donations for rendering assistance to relatives of the hockey players who have lost in an air crash.

Club the Locomotive it is planned to revive in the near future. In a current season all starting house matches of commands of Continental hockey league will be accompanied by mourning actions, informs official site KHL. In memory of the lost colleagues from Yaroslavl the Locomotive league commands will have special memorial stripes on the game sweaters.

the Plane the Yak - 42 on which board there were hockey players Yaroslavl the Locomotive has fallen right after launch around settlement Tunoshna near Yaroslavl on September, 7th in 16. 05 Moscow time. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, onboard there were 45 persons, including 8 crewmen. On a tragedy place all people who were onboard, except hockey player Alexander Galimov and flight engineer Alexander Sizov were lost. The sportsman has died at the Moscow Institute of a name Vishnevsky on September, 12th. Sizov has come to the senses, its condition continues to remain stably heavy.

Upon an air crash criminal case under item 263 (infringement of safety rules of movement of air transport) Criminal code of the Russian Federation is brought. As priority inspectors study the versions connected with refusal technicians and an error of piloting. The version that has not sufficed the plane take-off - a landing strip for running start, has not proved to be true. Decoding of airborne recorders, according to the chairman of Interstate aviation committee of Tatyana Anodinoj, has not revealed the data about problems with aviatechnics.