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Sergey Sobjanin: From this that bought, the Black Sea fleet managed a quarter

Capital town governor Sergey Sobjanin has scarified work of fund of support of the Black Sea fleet, informs. It was found out that employees of fund of 10 % of all money allocated with Moscow, spent for themselves, thus overestimating all prices for 19 %.

at financing by the Moscow authorities of the Black Sea fleet the unpleasant situation " was found out; capital mayor Sergey Sobjanin has declared today. In - the first, in itself money not such and the big 74 million rbl., but nevertheless serious. 10 % from this sum were spent for needs of employees of the fund of support of the Black Sea fleet. For example, Moscow spends 2 %, in fund spent 10 %. Well, thank God, probably, good managers the town governor has stated the estimation.

But when have looked, as they operate, the sensation was absolutely another. On 19 % all prices, that is 20 more % to themselves, favourite are overestimated. From this that bought, the Black Sea fleet managed a quarter. For example, the equipment for kindergartens has appeared in Dagestan, and first aid in Arkhangelsk. Certainly, something reached people, but us does not arrange, when something reaches the purpose, and the most part does not reach Sergey Sobjanin has declared.

As he said, now authorities of the capital this money have developed also give to the House of Moscow in Sevastopol. On the social help to veterans the House of Moscow will direct 74 million rbl., and the part of money will go on support of the Black Sea fleet. By Sergey Sobjanina`s estimations, it will be equal four times more than today.