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the Just cause : Party check on a submission to control to the Kremlin

In party the Just cause solve now an uneasy question: that will be with Evgenie Rojzmana`s nominee in the federal list. Michael Prokhorov already threatened to leave party together with Rojzmanom, if at party congress on September, 14 15th a poll against the head of fund the City without drugs there will be more half. In the party consider that it thus now check on a submission to control to the Kremlin .

Now governors and Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation ring round all regional branches the Just cause with the requirement to clean Evgenie Rojzmana from party lists. and if it is not possible, if the poll against at congress appears insufficient it is supposed to displace from a post of the party leader of Prokhorov it is told in a press - release the Just cause .

the Party estimates all previous sensation concerning nationalism in the Just cause as the first attempt of the Kremlin administration to establish control over party. in News and in MK in August there were invited papers of rather strange maintenance where attempt to compromise party has been undertaken. It is known that these materials have been published under direct instructions from the Kremlin to editors-in-chief of these editions it is marked in a press - release. (On August, 4th in MK there was article the Just cause makes advances to the nation that Liberal party numbers replenish natsional - with radicals.)

According to Party members, the next course in this game campaign for a non-admission of Rojzmana in party lists. a just cause check on a submission to control, on controllability. Because neither Prokhorov, nor its nearest environment which works over the new project of party, the Kremlin not in a condition to supervise. Therefore the power clings to the last, for those levers which remained with it on places, – for the primary, regional party organisations confirm in party. In opinion the Just cause the Presidential Administration tries to establish control over party through the local organisations. the outcome of this opposition will testify to very important thing. Or in Russia really there will be a first really independent political force, or all will return into place it is summed up in the message the Just cause .

For now feature of a today`s situation consists in Russia that 20 - the summer circle of political history has actually become isolated, consider in the Just cause . We have again come to from what hoped to leave in 1991. We again have new incarnation of the CPSU in a body an United Russia . In 1991 the country headed for multi-party system. However 20 years at us on - former are later only one slow party in power and a little decorative as though parties which do not render any real influence on a state policy are revolted in the Just cause . A key problem of transition to a democratic political system and is not solved, afflicted in party.

Michael Prokhorov has headed the Just cause in the end of June, 2011 also acts as the independent politician who is independent of the Kremlin. Prokhorov has declared that the right will aspire to become The second party in power and to enter into parliament. He considers necessary to increase social expenses and to reduce the defensive budget, to change an infrastructure of economy and a control system of the country, to cancel plenipotentiary representation institute, to confer the big powers to regions, to restore elections of mayors of cities, including Moscow and St.-Petersburg.