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Head FAS: Swindlers quickly adapt for the new legislation!

Today FAS has presented to the government the fourth report under the account about a competition condition to Russia. bravura music from us did not sound — has figuratively characterised the document the head of department Igor Artemyev whom more all disturbs discrimination access to an infrastructure.

every year on the government in the presence of ministers we speak not so much about achievements, how many about problems, — head FAS has told. — the Market economy can be effective only in the presence of a competition — in other packing it is not on sale. Turns the unattractive party, up to degradation of branches .

the Competition needs to be protected, on the one hand, with another — to develop. The first — problem FAS, the second — the states. However Russia lives still ideology of monopolies, considers g - n Artemyev. there is at us a propensity to creation of national champions, — he has declared. — attempt to construct monopoly only at the first stage yields positive result at the expense of scale, but then leads to stagnation . Programs on competition development in two tens regions were a success, but in the majority remained on a paper, informed journalists g - n Artemyev. The most painful point, in his opinion, absence of not discrimination access of the companies to an infrastructure, since roads, the rivers and woods, finishing gas. if there will be no fair economically well-founded access to an infrastructure, we and will go on a circle, — head FAS has sighed. — basically after all an infrastructure the state owns. Woods, the airports and etc. .

From 12 rules, by its calculations, it is accepted five, in particular on gas, waterways, ports and railway transport. work goes, but slowly, — it is dissatisfied g - n Artemyev. — and it is basic things. You will build factory if are not assured, whether will connect you to an electricity? Rules are not present. We have forced 1200 companies to connect last year . Each of branches will write the program of development of a competition, head FAS has put an end. Any scale amendments to the law following the results of report FAS it will be accepted not. swindlers quickly adapt for our legislation so we will stop on small amendments — has explained g - n Artemyev.