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Evgenie Rojzman: If we did not represent danger to the party in power, anything it would not be

Evgenie Rojzman — the head of fund the City without drugs against which inclusion in the federal list of candidates from the Just cause representatives of some regional branches of party have acted, considers that actually a situation absolutely not critical, and not in it business .

we Will remind, this week heads of some regional branches of party the Just cause under the pressure of the regional authorities inclusion of a nominee of Evgenie Rojzmana, the head of fund " have spoken against; the City without drugs in federal lists. An official occasion of discontent with the candidate who in party was resulted personally by its leader Michael Prokhorov, became a criminal loop on business almost 30 - to the summer prescription, Rojzmana which have happened in a youth.

But almost at once behind the official version the explanation &mdash sounds at all levels; to such decision governors and much a little Kremlin administration " compel;. G - n Prokhorov has declared that no pressure will force it to break the word pledged to it. In interview daily Evgenie Rojzman explains a situation. He intends to continue the work or in the status of the deputy, or as the simple citizen.

— On elections happens and not such. I remember the previous elections, 2003 when it was a question in general of my physical destruction. And now to me call and speak: what public relations powerful as you have rocked party all over the country.

the Situation with pressure — the keystone to success. If on you press, and you do not break. It forces to be consolidated all supporters. I am not afraid that the party in this situation will break, and I am not afraid of consequences if it nevertheless occurs.

I worked and without the deputy status. Yes, it is necessary for more effective work and still as safety pledge.

If we did not represent danger to the party in power, anything it would not be . They have seen that we type more than could assume. In particular, can, with my occurrence. Drugs do not choose the son of the teacher or the son of the general. This problem, which our fund is engaged, concerns people of all levels. That there about us would not speak, it is clear that at us one million supporters.

I know, how was in 2007. Then also the governor ran, complained of me, and United Russia party members.

Eventually, Marmots (now the first zamglavy Presidential Administration. — a comment red.) Then advised to Putin to clean me from lists. Where I and Vladimir Vladimirovich? It, probably, in a microscope only can consider me. But Marmots has made on - to the. Sergey Mironov said to me about it that to it have told to clean me from lists. Marmots now in the same way tries to put under the control the Just cause .

After all I only a pretext for pressure upon Party members and upon Prokhorov.

But I do not consider that it behind our back it is possible to establish certain rules, I do not play such games. And then to me to live in Russia. It — my country. Functionaries come and leave, and we - that remain. It — my native land, and I try to make something useful to it.

I — the positive person, I work at the full capacity. I do not understand, what claims can personally be to me, besides, that we type much.

— it is Too much it, by your calculations, how many?

— I consider that with my occurrence in party, how we have started to consolidate supporters, the question of a passable barrier (7 %) has been solved. At active work we can type even to 10 %. Though it is necessary to consider that in Russia can be so — you will count hundred variants, and there will be hundred first. But in a mode of administrative pressure it is collected votes even more. It is an axiom.

Then people so were tired of the party in power. People in general can be tired. Of the good are tired, people caviar get tired is, and here not caviar to them offer .

— whether There is no assumption, what this year will be on - to another, rather than in 2007 to develop the situation?

— In general the same people. I up until that time was respectful to the president. The president has very much helped on business of my colleague on to the City without drugs Egor Bychkova. He in a lobby very positively expressed me and about my work. And it is clear that this decision not the president. It is attempt of pressure from other person. But nevertheless I can assume that the president in Russia has though any share of independence. I too where I can, always support the president.

If me will clean from lists, means, we will live in such situation, will be on - to another, means, on - to another. My problem — to work. Another surprises me, to me all time try to show that someone will decide something for me that I the small person. And I not the small person.

— the Present moment can become a stone about which will face the Just cause here g - n Prokhorov takes and will leave party …

— If it occurs, for Prokhorov there will be strong, sincere, not a spontaneous man`s act. Believe, such things are more expensive, than party.