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Putin has interceded for small airlines

Prime minister Vladimir Putin actually has scarified the measures offered by Ministry of Transport on reforming of the market of aviatransportations. If Igor Levitina`s department stakes on integration of airlines the prime minister suggests to be guided first of all not by scale of carriers, and on observance of aviation safety by them. Such approach keeps to small airlines chance of a survival.

Airlines should be supposed to flights depending on observance of safety requirements, instead of presence of the big vessel fleet, the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin at meeting concerning aviation safety in Moscow has declared. not so important, big company or small, but it should have possibility and, certainly, to execute safety requirements. If execute these requirements can fly, instead of execute - means, such airlines need to be closed - Vladimir Putin has told. As he said, no reasons of commercial character or market development should be above reasons of safety of citizens.

in July the Rosaviation has made the decision on gradual increase in the minimum quantity of aircrafts at the airlines which are carrying out regular aviatransportations. Since January, 1st, 2012 to fly on regular routes more than in three points the carriers having not less of ten same liners can. In a year they will need to operate with park not less than from 20 planes.

so rigid restrictions will force out a considerable quantity of airlines from the market. In particular, new rules threaten existence of a low budget carrier avianova at which now only six planes. As marks a source in airlines, in the near future carrier park will replenish with two 321 which will fly on the international charter directions. Another diskaunter, SkyExpress, with vosemju by planes will be simply closed, and its employees and routes are already transferred to Airlines of Kuban . Level of safety of flights and so is a part of observance by airline of certified requirements. If it does not observe them, at it withdraw the certificate. And it is not connected in any way with quantity of planes in park - the editor-in-chief of magazine " is assured; the Aviatransport review Alexey Sinitsky.

Vladimir Putin also has charged to profile departments to prepare measures on support of sector of aviatransportations. I ask to give offers on development of leasing with application of leasing schemes and available leasing institutes, including Foreign trade and investment bank - Putin has declared. Despite enough big portfolio of leasing transactions, affiliated structure of bank - veb - Leasing - practically was not present in the market of avialeasing services. In 2009 the company has signed documents on leasing of ten Sukhoi Superjet - 100 for airline Aeroflot . The company also is the owner of 21 % of actions of other profile leasing company - Ilyushin Finans and To. (IFK). Sources daily believe that veb can become interested in purchase of controlling stock IFK. Official representative IFK has refused comments.