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The spy who has rescued England

In hire leaves Agent Johnny Inglish. Reboot

Having spent to the Tibetan monastery some years after a failure in Mozambique, the agent the English comes back in MI - 7. He, of course, will try zaporot and the new task, but at the last minute all will be settled in wonderful and ridiculous enough image also justice will triumph.

the First part of the comedy franchise about agent Johnny Inglisha left eight years ago and has collected in world hire of more 160 million dollars Featured actor Rouen Atkinson, having come off role of Mr. Bin, played the fool on service of its majesty, rescued a crown of the British empire and received a knightly rank. Action of a sequel which was removed by director Oliver Parker, is developed approximately in the same scenery.

Mission of the English in Mozambique has ended with an enchanting failure, it was deprived by prefixes the sir and he has run away from shame in mountains of Tibet. There the English strengthened five years mind and body, sometimes in fanatic enough ways. But the British investigation needs again it, and the spy changes an orange monastic attire on European a suit and a coat. New mission will result it to Hong Kong: therefrom it will return with the information that a certain group Vorteks which is going to kill the Chinese prime minister, CIA actually consists of agents of KGB, and MI - 7. And also with the extremely useful knowledge that the Chinese old women with vacuum cleaners - ruthless murderers.

Further all will go on nakatannoj - consistently failing that there then, hardly without having beaten mum of head MI - 7, having stolen a carriage at the regular inventor of espionage features, Johnny Inglish will find understanding at the psychologist Kate. It Rozamund Pajk has played that in itself is already ridiculous - she acted in film and in a Bondiana, a film Die, but not now . And there already nearby and before exposure of the main villain.

the Espionage comedy with Atkinsonom sometimes shows more humour and common sense, than it was possible to expect from such film. Johnny Inglish bypasses and poshlovatogo Austin Powers, and gawk Kluzo performed by Steve Martin. Probably, because is able to do of itself the fool with unperturbably clever look. And all the rest is not too important.