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Business resettlement

the Companies do not frighten increasing difficulties of business management abroad

to do business abroad to the Russian companies with the average level of capitalisation it became more difficult. The same complexities, as in the homeland: bureaucracy­, corruption and absence of qualified personnel. Nevertheless 92 % of businessmen are assured that their three-year plans of the international expansion will crown success and level of incomes at the expense of foreign branches will increase by 12 %.

According to research BDO with the assistance of agency StrategyOne, the main obstacle for the international expansion of the companies with capitalisation from 50 million dollars businessmen name bureaucracy and high level of corruption in the local markets. Besides it barriers on a way to the international expansion are frequent fluctuations of rates of exchange, and also difficulties in selection of qualified personnel for foreign branches. The last, according to partner ­ BDO of Elena Hromovoj, is a new universal problem for all countries.

“ If the bureaucracy and corruption are characteristic in a greater degree for developing countries competent selection of the local commands knowing the market, is combined now almost in all countries. Therefore many businessmen are compelled to bring commands with themselves “ — she speaks. “ after crisis it became more difficult to find the niche. But hardly bureaucratic difficulties abroad became more “ — the vice-president of National institute of system researches of problems of business Vladimir Buev adds.

According to the research data, is better in the foreign markets ­ Brazilians feel­. Judging by polls, 34 % of businessmen of Brazil have noticed what to do business abroad it it became easier. To Canadians, on the contrary, to do business it is more difficult in total Only 4 % speak about situation improvement, and 26 % assert that there was a deterioration. Russia in golden mean with quite good result — 26 %, here consider that the situation has improved (on this indicator we divide a place with Saudi Arabia).

At the same time about a negative tendency tell 36 % of respondents, makes comments g - zha on Khromov. A deterioration tendency “ state of health “ business in foreign jurisdictions the expert connects with an astable situation in the international markets. “ where - that it has entailed toughenings of game rules in the markets and legislative base and where - that problems with a competition " have become aggravated; — she speaks.

But business is not going to give in. In the nearest trehletku 92 % more than from 750 financial directors hope to start up new roots in the international markets. Thus business hopes that by 2014 of an order of 39 % of their incomes will be formed thanks to sales outside of Russia. Despite of complexities with selection of the personnel and red tape, the Russian businessmen are inclined to operate already now — 42 % open new offices less than in a year after decision-making on opening.

the Vice-president “ Business Russia “ Anton Danilov - Danilyan with the data about increasing complexities for the Russian average business abroad does not agree. “ At us the number of the exporting companies, on the contrary, grows, the quantity biznesov which create branches abroad grows. And it not only the East, but also the Arabian south of type of Abu - Dabi. There is no sensation that became more difficult, on the contrary, our investments everywhere entice “ — he speaks. Most actively, according to the businessman, Arab Emirates, private business of Latvia, Ukraine entice. Also very good prospects of interaction with China, Kazakhstan, some countries of Latin America, first of all Brazil seriously became more active.

the Key foreign markets for the Russian companies, it agree to data BDO, there is Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, Poland and Czechia. The next three years distribution channels (52 %) and development of marketing and brands (46 %) will be the main line of investment for the Russian companies. “ To the list of the countries still it is possible to add Baltic “ — considers g - n Buoys, adding that oil traders there are interested in expansion first of all.

Russia plays an important role in plans of expansion of Great Britain, Germany and Holland — among the priority countries it takes the fifth place from 13. It testifies to the increased popularity of Russia, confirm in BDO: 68 % of respondents worldwide expect the greatest share of foreign incomes of the Russian market while it is literally one year ago attractive our country named only 36 % interrogated. Businessmen from the USA and China prefer to develop in Russia promproizvodstvo, business of Great Britain — telecommunications, businessmen from the Netherlands — the areas connected with natural resources, and Frenchmen — the consumer market.

But on an index of appeal Russia considerably loses to China: according to financial heads, for development in Heavenly Empire in 3,5 times it is better than possibility. “ the raw companies dream to enter into Russia. All the rest already is subject to the big doubt. If we reject repatriation of our capital — Cyprus and Holland, it first of all Germany and China “ — cites the data g - n Danilov - Danilyan.