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Carlson will not return

the Just cause calls Michael Prokhorov back

Yesterday has brought the next sensations from the Just cause . All the morning long from party there were anonymous comments that to Michael Prokhorov will suggest to return in leaders left by it with party scandal. By the evening operating leaders have declared that no offers existing also messages — only an error of not skilled worker. But by the night in Prokhorov`s environment daily have informed that the offer to it nevertheless has arrived, and the interlocutors close to the Kremlin, have not excluded that Prokhorov can return.

Yesterday Party members sat hardly probable all the day long. Has passed the closed political council on which have discussed the program and the federal list in the afternoon. And in the evening session has passed on an Old Square. The first party dialogue has ended with finding-out of relations. As the head of branch situated near Moscow Boris Nadezhdin has told daily, by the first number of the pre-election list of party has been offered and. An island of the chairman of the party Andrey Dunaev, the second number — the former leader DPR Andrey Bogdanov.

At number three my nominee " appeared; — Nadezhdin was surprised, having explained that has demanded to clean from the list a name of Bogdanova and has threatened to leave the ranks of party otherwise. Except Nadezhdin against presence of Bogdanova Party members have acted some more. As a result, according to Nadezhdin, the list has not been approved, its discussion has been decided to transfer on today`s congress.

After some hours about the exit from the Just cause declared one of founders of Union of Right Forces Leonid Gozman. the Administration tries to press through Bogdanova and Dunaev, but it is obvious to me that with them right have no chances. A unique variant of its existence — as parties - a spoiler... In this disgusting farce to participate any more I do not want — Leonid Gozman in the blog has explained the reason of leaving. In pre-election to ten George Bovt also has refused to enter.

After that session of political council of party have transferred on an Old Square to Presidential Administration. And by the night from all potential participants of process hints and hearings fell down. In Prokhorov`s environment daily have declared that to the former leader the offer has arrived to arrive today on congress and to take part in voting by the party leader. Prokhorov has not given any answer to these offers — have informed in an environment of the businessman.

In Presidential Administration the fact of sending of the offer have refused flatly. anybody did not invite him to congress. At congress the leader will not be chosen, remains and. An island of the chairman Dunaev — the interlocutor on an Old Square has told. Prokhorov`s 100 % will not be, and negotiations with it about it was not conducted — Bogdanov has assured daily.

On Prokhorov`s place I would steer clear of such party. It reminds a fairy tale the Kid and Carlson : Carlson has departed, and the Kid sad sits at a window and thinks, will return or not. The answer: no, will not return — Boris Nadezhdin has commented on conversations. However the interlocutors close to the Kremlin, have not excluded that Prokhorov can return.