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Dunaev, Bogdanov and Chakvetadze will enter into the first three from the Just cause

Prior to the beginning of congress the Just cause which passes today in a capital hotel complex of Izmajlovo, it became known that into the first three will enter vrio leaders of the party Andrey Dunaev, and also eks - the head of executive committee Andrey Bogdanov and known tennis-player Anna Chakvetadze. Andrey Bogdanov has informed On it daily in a lobby.

However as he said in the list can be and changes if during congress the readiness to go on elections will be declared by a member of political council Boris Nadezhdin. Last was planned by the third number, but on the eve of congress has flatly refused to participate in elections together with Andrey Bogdanovym who is offered by the second number.

In party are not inclined to dramatize a situation after leaving of its leader Michael Prokhorov. Bogdanov in particular has declared that numbers of party have not lost especially many members: After Prokhorov`s leaving left the person five six whom it has resulted .

At Prokhorov`s congress do not wait and the appeared information on possible returning of politician Bogdanov named not having any bases. Thus Bogdanov has excluded the scenario, at which the Just cause could not participate in December elections.

Certainly, after all these perturbations us would arrange if the Just cause has received 7 % - he has noticed. In the near future the new party leadership expects to get access to those millions roubles which in the form of donations have been enlisted into the account the Just cause . For today the account is blocked in order to avoid attempts of Prhorova to withdraw these means.

Today the charter after in the uniform state registry it will be included will be registered and. An island of the leader of the party Andrey Dunaev, as possessing the right of the first signature. Then we can learn, how many money remains on the account. After all Michael Prokhorov " disposed of it till today; - Bogdanov has declared. - If money remained that, they will go on repayment of debts, under the contracts concluded at that time while the party wheel had Prokhorov .

Under the information daily for today debts of a staff of party before regions can make to several hundreds millions roubles. These means will go on payment of salaries to the lawyers employed in staffs, to drivers and other personnel. Also the staff has not paid till now manufacturing agit production. There were also other problems of the financial plan.