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Andrey Dunaev: If we do not pass in the Duma, I will leave a policy

the Temporary head the Just cause Andrey Dunaev has declared at congress that if the party fails on elections, he not only will leave a post of its head, but also will leave a policy. Besides, vrio leaders of the party has underlined that while it is not known, who will head the Just cause . Today at congress this question will not be discussed.

Now I, as fulfilling duties of the chairman, will lead party to victories. If it will not turn out, then the question on the leader will be put after elections, but in this case I as I in general will leave a policy " will be it any more; — he has declared. Andrey Dunaev has added that today a question on the one who will head the Just cause will not discuss.

At today`s congress Party members have discussed also the relation to Dmitry Medvedev — their opinions were divided again. One of delegates has asked to include the following point in the party program: We support a policy of the president of the country and we consider as its leader . Us all the same name the Kremlin project — it has added. But this offer has been rejected by majority of votes. One has voted for and eight have refrained, the correspondent daily transfers.

the Just cause has refused to recognise the president the leader. Ridiculously to make comments on this offer because for this purpose it is necessary to ask at least Dmitry Anatolevicha`s opinion, and with it consultations in this respect were not spent — Andrey Dunaev has declared.

As informed daily earlier, split the Just cause has occurred on September, 15th when in Moscow has taken place at once two congresses. Michael Prokhorov`s supporters have gathered in Academy of Sciences, and its opponents — in World trade centre. Prokhorov has declared desire to leave from the Just cause also has called the colleagues to leave doll Kremlin party . Its opponents declared a break in congress till September, 20th and have begun to search in an emergency order the new leader. According to experts, the conflict between Michael Prokhorov and head of the Office of the RF President Vladislav Surkovym became the split reason in party.