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The Supreme court of the Russian Federation has cancelled a sentence to businessman Alexey Kozlovu

Judicial board on criminal cases of the Supreme court (VS) has cancelled a sentence concerning the businessman and millionaire Alexey Kozlova. In 2009 the Presnensky court of Moscow has sentenced the businessman to eight years of a colony for swindle. Him have accused in plunder of actions on 254 million rbl.

Today 37 - summer Alexey Kozlov has been released from - under guards in a court hall. Business is directed to court of the first instance for new consideration. Thus, the supervising complaint of protection of the businessman has been satisfied cancelling a sentence. VS recognised that in 2009 the Presnensky court recognised Kozlova guilty illegally and now should spend new consideration. The businessman this decision has acquired the right to clearing, however it is under a subscription about nevyezde, transfers.

Criminal case against Alexey Kozlova have raised in 2007 after the businessman has made the decision to leave from firm headed by it finvest and to take away a share due to it. The former councillor of Federation Vladimir Slutsker was colleague Kozlova and the co-owner of this business. Alexey`s decision was affected by murder of former head UFSB on Moscow suburbs and the chief of security service Slutskera Anatoly Trofimova and his wife, and also the conflict of the basic shareholders of their business - wife Kozlova - Olga Romanov explained.

Presumably, criminal case against the businessman Alexey Kozlova`s partner - Vladimir Slutsker who did not like news about leaving of the colleague from business initiated. In the summer of 2007 Alexey Kozlova have arrested on suspicion in swindle. Him have accused that in 2007 it by means of counterfeit documents has translated more than 600 thousand (more than 30 %) Open Society actions Iskozh Into accounts of the offshore company Karnavon Limited and then was going to resell them, the Newspaper informs. ru.

In 2009 the Presnensky court of Moscow recognised Kozlova guilty of swindle in the large size and attempt at legalisation of the means received by a criminal way. It has been sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. Later the cassation instance of Moscow City Court has lowered punishment at first till 7 years, and then to five years of imprisonment.

Itself Goats and his wife, journalist Olga Romanov, consider that prosecution of the businessman was organised by Slutsker who when - that was business partner Kozlova. Romanov addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to check up these suspicions. our civic duty - to achieve that the guilty have been established and punished. At least that it never has not repeated any more neither with us, nor with someone else. Judges who have a temptation to be engaged in custom-made affairs, should understand that they can be punished. Inspectors who forge proofs, should understand that responsibility for it not to avoid - Olga Romanov has underlined.