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Dagestan They be 154 has broken in Domodedovo from - for crew errors

the Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) has finished investigation of accident of the plane That is 154, the Domodedovo which has broken at the airport on December, 4th, 2010. Accident in which 2 persons were lost and 83 passengers have suffered, has occurred from - for crew errors at performance of landing to one working engine.

erroneous actions of crew at performance of flight and landing with one working engine became the Principal cause of wreck of the liner. As a result the plane has made calling on take-off - a landing strip in not landing position: it has strongly tilted to the right. It has led to that They be 154 was rolled out for limits VPP, has faced an earthen height and has collapsed on three parts, the POPPY is told in the message on a site.

In tragedy has resulted and some promoting factors. So, the flight engineer has casually disconnected pumping up pumps of an account tank at performance of manual swapping of fuel in ascent. It has led to deenergizing of extreme engines and problems in power supplies of the plane within 2 minutes of 23 seconds from - for refusal of three generators.

Besides, the crew in view of insufficient preparation in a difficult situation has not used recommendations of the operation manual They be 154 and could not restore working capacity of the onboard equipment in due time. And the strong wind promoted a bias of the plane from a landing course.

the POPPY has noted and insufficient vocational training as crew as a whole, and its each member separately to actions in emergency and the difficult situations provided RLE of the plane Those is 154 . In committee consider that onboard did not carry out the recommendations developed by results of investigations of air crashes and directed on prevention of erroneous actions of the flight engineer. For bad skoordinirovannost actions of crew experts have assigned responsibility to the commander of the liner.

As informed daily earlier, on December, 4th, 2010 They be 154 airlines Airlines of Dagestan has taken off from Vnukovo and went to Makhachkala, however soon after launch at the liner two engines have refused. The liner has crash-landed at the Domodedovo airport. The aircraft was rolled out for limits take-off - a landing strip, having received thus serious damages. As a result of incident 2 persons were lost, 83 persons have been hospitalised. In total onboard the liner there were 172 persons — 163 passengers and 9 crewmen.