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The opposition demands Igor Levitina`s resignation after its report in the State Duma

After the past today in the State Duma off-schedule the governmental hour in which frames the minister of transport Igor Levitin has reported about essential problems the branches unsatisfied with actions of the lecturer on the occupied post have started talking about necessity of its resignation.

the Decision on carrying out today in the State Duma off-schedule the governmental hour with participation of the head of Ministry of Transport Igor Levitina it was accepted right after occurred under Yaroslavl on September, 7th air crashes in which 44 persons, including all basic structure of hockey club " were lost; the Locomotive (Yaroslavl). Addressing to members of parliament, the head of Ministry of Transport has declared that the government till 2015 plans to invest in an infrastructure of the airports nearby 160 mlrd rbl. Whereas for the last 10 years for these purposes it has been spent 140 billion, informs RIA Novosti news agency. Levitin has noticed that now in Russia is more than 300 airports and airdromes 62 % from which - with an artificial covering, thus urgent repair is necessary for 64 objects.

Besides, as it has appeared, on the rivers Russian Federations are maintained 128 kruiznyh the steam-ships which middle age makes 45 years, informs news agency referring to performance of the head of Ministry of Transport. As he said, in the Russian Federation 2 thousand passazhirsko - commercial courts and 2,5 thousand cargo now is. Middle age of units of commercial fleet of the country makes 33 years. I.Levitin has added that in the Russian Federation 4 thousand the sea-crafts, which middle age - is 28 years.

such state of affairs has disappointed the Duma opposition. In a lobby have there and then started talking about necessity to find replacement to the head of Ministry of Transport. Thus the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has accused of all troubles not Levitina, and all government as a whole. we consider that the situation demands resignation of all government, change financially - an economic course without which it is impossible to provide normal safety of the country - the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov on Tuesday (the citation on agency " has told to journalists; the Prime ) . Zyuganov considers as one of the reasons of a distress of aviation branch company privatisation Aeroflot . It cut on tens and hundreds pieces when any line fault service except three - four not in a condition normally to maintain this technics. And it means, again the politician of our government led by Putin which conducts to these failures, and to patch efforts of one ministry practically it is impossible - the leader of Communist Party has told.

It was supported also by the colleague from LDPR, the chairman of fraction Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in which opinion Levitin, and its assistant Valery Okulov, the head of Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation) Alexander Neradko and the minister of the industry and trade Victor Khristenko " is guilty in the circumstances not; (the citation on agency the Prime ) .

Esery on - former insist on resignation of the minister of transport. Earlier members of fraction Fair Russia and its leader Sergey Mironov repeatedly acted with such requirement. at us it is some claims to the minister. First of all, it is a question of a situation in our aircraft, numerous aviation accidents and numerous a victim say that at us not everything is all right with control from the state behind observance of safety of aviation flights - Mironov to journalists has told.

as Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma, United Russia party member Valery Jazev, acting on the governmental hour has spoken against witch-hunts and uses of tragical events as occasion to self-advertisement in the pre-election purposes. if we really want to solve the hardest complex problems which have been saved up in branch, instead of to simulate their decision loud public relations - actions, it is necessary not to shout, and to work - Jazev has declared, we will notice thus that the branch has not time to answer all calls. As he said, the complex approach stimulating maintenance of transport safety by carriers, the complex program on preparation and improvement of professional skill of experts in the field of transport safety is necessary.