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March of sleeping beauties

Musical theatres of Moscow and Petersburg have published season plans

the Bolshoi theatre after scale reconstruction at last - that opens a historical scene. It will occur on October, 28th. And already on November, 2nd in the repaired building there will pass the first premiere - Ruslan and Lyudmila directed by Dmitry Chernjakova, the main Russian opera newsmaker. From this point on the theatre will start to work on two scenes.

From performances of the last years temporarily given on the New scene, on a former place the first scale ballet " will return; the Sleeping beauty in new scenography of artist Entso Fridzherio. The turn of the known Soviet version " Then will come; Boris Godunov in magnificent historical scenery and the Nutcracker on which at public always great demand so will play ballet there where in auditorium there are more than places. In April, 2012 in Big it will be let out The gentleman of a rose Riharda Strauss directed by one of leading directors of the world, Englishman Stephen Loulessa. It was Andrey Tarkovsky`s assistant when that staged an opera in Europe. On June CHarodejku Tchaikovsky the director invites Alexander Titel. In May the Bolshoi theatre gets George Balanchina`s ballets Brilliants and Emeralds and the scale festival of ballet in the summer is promised. And all season will pass under the badge of tours of Milan theatre a La Scala : there will arrive chorus and an orchestra with " in the autumn; the Requiem Verdi, in December - ballet with performances ekselsior and the Dream in summer night and in the summer - the glorified opera.

Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich - Danchenko at first lets out the October premiere on the Small scene - a modern opera the Mixed technics directed by Dmitry Krymova. And in the end of March will concentrate forces to a grandiose epopee War and peace Prokofiev. The performance devoted to the two-hundredth anniversary of war of 1812, the main director of an opera Alexander Titel rehearses. Statement the Dream in summer night Brittena the theatre does together with the English national opera. Ballet before New year will fill up the poster romantic the Sylph and in July - Koppeliej in a choreography of Frenchman Rolana Petja.

At theatre Helicon for the end of October prepare unusual Wagner - its youthful comic opera the Interdiction for love under Shakespeare`s play. The chamber musical theatre of Pokrovsk will present on November, 25th Idomeneja Mozart in Riharda Strauss`s edition - experiment on merge of two musical styles. And the New opera on October, 7th and 8 offers Rossini`s comic masterpiece the Cinderella with computer graphics and animation use.

Festival Kreshchensky week in the New opera which will pass in January, 2012, will give the chance to hear operas in concert execution: lyrical Tais Massne, Verdi`s musical drama Lombardtsy in the first crusade which was not executed in Russia from the XIX-th century middle, and Hovanshchinu Musorgsky. In first half of 2012 prime ministers " are planned; the Troubadour Verdi and Strauss`s one-act opera the Capriccio .

the Mihajlovsky theatre in Petersburg too prepares the Sleeping beauty . But in Northern capital unlike Moscow there will be a modern version. Not trivial ideas concerning a fairy tale of Perro and Tchaikovsky music will be embodied by Nacho Duato, the well-known Spanish choreographer, nowadays head of ballet of the Petersburg theatre. Cherishes extensive plans and the Maryinsky Theater. Among its premieres a musical My fine lady Directed by Robert Karsena (together with the Parisian theatre Shatle) in February, 2012 and Boris Godunov which Grem Vick (together with Baden - Baden does Festshpilhaus), in May, and also Pelleas and Melizanda Debussy (director Daniel Krejmer) in April. The conductor and the musical head of performances - Valery Gergiev.