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In village, in a solitude, on a farm

Jayson Stethem and Klajv Owen in the insurgent the Professional

the Professional — a full-length debut of the director of Gary Makkendri, which for the korotkometrazhku In this country all is possible in 2005 has been nominated on Oscar . In its new film of three gloomy murderers have played Jayson Stethem, Robert De Niro and Klajv Owen. The basic idea — on the state it is better not to work.

Killer Denni (Stethem) wishes to leave on rest and to lodge on a farm with the blonde. But it is compelled to return to work — its friend the Bean (De Niro) has got to a trouble and it has appeared in a hole at omanskogo the sheikh in exile. Will release it when the British members of spetsnaz from SAS (Special Air Service), when - that of the killed sons of the disgraced sheikh will be liquidated some. Denni on the sly starts to destroy the specified members of spetsnaz. And behind it with a mute question What for affairs? in eyes somebody watches Spajk (Owen), the representative of the governmental fighting group protecting rest of veterans of special services. The sheikh waits, his younger son whom the father dreams to send home and which waits also, having got used to life in London, to Oman something is not torn.

the Professional it is based on novel The Feather Men of Ranulfa Fajnsa — a baronet, the traveller, the politician, the writer, the relative simultaneously and brothers of Rejfa and Joseph Fajnsov, and members of the British royal family, and in the past — fighter SAS. Thus it is difficult to consider a film how many - nibud informative. istoriko - a political component founders have stated it so muffledly that those who in a theme, anything new neither about SAS, nor about special troops activity in Oman (where the British special troops traded already from the beginning 60-) do not learn. And the others will not understand also that wanted to inform to them.

More accurate the history of three main characters looks: Denni which wants on a farm to the blonde, the Bean which wants money, and Soldering which, despite a tired kind, still wants to benefit the native land. De Niro here is entered, seemingly, for appearance — basically he waits in the conclusion. And about whom there was this film, seemingly, is in direct dependence on skill of actors. That is, judging by frequency of occurrence on the screen, it is history of Denni which taki has seized upon desired rest and the blonde. But to Stethemu the term actor`s skill (meaning drama talents) to apply strange. Another matter Owen, whose hero has passed a long way from call of duty to full disappointment in system, remained without work, without friends, without the purpose. From its history here it is possible to pull out though any idea. Namely — if selflessly to work on the state, trusting in its justice as a result you will remain with the broken trough.