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Valery Nepomnyaschy has left “ Tom` “

a series has ended with Bezgolevaja with its resignation

“ Tom` “ with each round all is more confident coming nearer to last place the championship of Russia, remained without the head coach. On Monday the club management has accepted Valery Nepomnyaschy`s resignation. Fulfilling duties of the head coach Vasily Baskakov is appointed. Earlier it held a post of the assistant to the instructor of club.

Nepomnyaschy`s Resignation, probably, has been predetermined. Any the club financial position, the trainer anyway will lose work if under its management the command does not hammer in seven matches successively. Any championship, even present experimental superiority of Russia, - too short tournament that it was possible to allow so long goal drought. In such series it is possible to type points only for drawn games, but for a peace outcome of much you will not receive - in these seven matches “ Tom` “ Has earned only one point.

After 17 - go round the command occupied in the championship 12 - e a place and much more advanced outsiders, now goes 14 - j, and from last place it separates only three points. To blame only Nepomnyaschy that occurs to a command, there is no sense - hardly it in general is guilty in an event. Simply “ Tom` “ - the typical Russian football project, which destiny always hangs by a thread. In 2009 the club already hardly has not failed - there was no money for participation in national championship. Vladimir Putin`s intervention that there were sponsors for a command Was required.

“ Tom` “ has easy existed couple of years, but this year again remained without general sponsors, and its financial position has sharply worsened. Having lost financial support­, the command dies very quickly - to remember enough, how has disappeared from the Russian football sky situated near Moscow “ Saturn “ and with what work it was possible to rescue “ Krylja Sovetov “ and “ Amkar “.

Financial difficulties “ Tom` “ have caused bolshy interest in Office of Public Prosecutor, and in August police officers have spent searches at club office, and on the general director “ Tom` “ Yury Stepanova criminal case upon debts under the salary has been got. Developed conditions hardly had to inspired game in football. A situation, when the club does not have money even on sending football players on an away match, it is abnormal. Besides “ Tom` “ could not amplify plainly during time dozajavochnoj campaigns. So even without other complexities it had problems with structure.

Nepomnyaschy very sharply endured all event in a command. Before a match 22 - go round against “ Amkara “ it even has got to hospital with heart attack. Fortunately, then all has managed, however continue work in a command it could not. During week-end Valery Nepomnyaschy has filed a resignation, which on Monday has been signed. Yesterday also it became known that the government of the Russian Federation has made the decision on cooperation continuation “ Tom` “ and the federal companies which render it the sponsor`s help. So the command, most likely, will continue the existence. But already without Nepomnyaschy.