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At Mail. Ru there will be all

the Company will not refuse own search cursor

Mail. Ru speeds up work on the searcher. The command of developers of the search car will be increased twice. About plans of refusal of cursor Google in the company yet do not speak, though participants of the market of it do not exclude.

Company Mail. Ru speeds up work on own searcher. As have informed daily in a press - service Mail. Ru, the command of developers of a search engine will be increased twice. Further the company plans to raise considerably the share in the Russian market the Internet - search. For today Mail. Ru uses own search algorithm only for a part of inquiries. In particular, it carries out search with localisation in capital region. Other inquiries are processed by search cursor Google, which Mail. Ru uses from the beginning of 2010.

According to the general director Ashmanov and partners Igor Ashmanova, the searcher allows Mail. Ru to achieve more favourable conditions in contracts with Google. Possibly, presence of own search is strong argument in negotiations, - speaks g - n Ashmanov. - After all Google receives money through advertising placing on Mail. Ru. Struggle in negotiations goes to last percent. I will not be surprised, if Google a beret to myself only 20-30 %. Possibility presence to pass to own search allows Mail. Ru to manage to get the a bit big share .

Besides, according to the expert, access to technologies Google allows Mail. Ru to improve own search mechanism, without bearing serious costs. using another`s search car, they can save on servers and thus to receive all necessary statistics, - explains g - n Ashmanov. - In parallel Mail. Ru has possibility to develop the search, possessing the necessary information and without spending many resources. And then, when Mail. Ru will be fully armed, the company can pass to the cursor .

Will pass Mail. Ru on the search or will use it in negotiations with Google or Yandex I do not know. But anyway it is a good position for negotiations - the expert concludes.