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For working out of the advertising concept for Moscow she will pay expensive council News Outdoor to a city of 1,5 million roubles

Yesterday at the open auction spent by department of mass-media and advertising of Moscow, the right to working out of the concept of placing of outdoor advertising in territory from the Garden ring to administrative borders of a city company News Outdoor has received. The starting sum which the city should pay to the winner for performance of works, made more than 5,1 million rbl. However during condition auction have been corrected: company News Outdoor which has won auction, itself will pay to a city more than 1,5 million rbl.

In auction seven companies took part: News Outdoor and entering into it Open Society the Moscow city advertising Joint-Stock Company the Olympus (the State Unitary Enterprise " is engaged in outdoor advertising placing); GlavAPU (division Moskomarhitektury), and also Open Company MPO Information decisions and technologies Open Company VIP Service the Project Open Company the Builder . As a result of auction the right to concept working out has received News Outdoor.

The concept, as appears from the auction documentation, should be ready by October, 15th. It will be already the second concept on placing naruzhki in capital. The first concept which regulates placing of advertising in the Garden ring, has been prepared State Unitary Enterprise Mosproject - 3 in the summer of 2009 also it is confirmed by public town-planning council at the mayor of Moscow.

the Outdoor advertising should exist in harmony with the city environment. For 15 years of work in branch we have very well acquired this simple thought and have learnt on its basis to plan city information field. Carrying out the state contract in cooperation with other leading operators, we will present to a city government expert conceptual vision of the future of outdoor advertising of Moscow, executed by the best professionals of branch. Therefore we also began to participate in competition — operating director News Outdoor Maxim Tkachev has told.

From time to time happens that the state order is won by a certain contractor who does not receive money from the customer, and pays extra to it, — the head of Board of lawyers of mass-media Feodor Kravchenko has commented. — with some reservations it is possible to tell that it is lawful that proves to be true also judiciary practice. But from the point of view of logic of the state order it is disputable, as interests of the customer can be substituted for interests of the contractor . The territory about which there is a speech in the tender documentation, is huge, the cost price of works is great enough, argues g - n Kravchenko, but the company is ready to perform these works Free of charge and still pays extra to a city. At competition carrying out, unlike auction, the price would not be unique criterion of definition of the winner of the auctions.

It is a question not of manufacturing of the scheme of placing of advertising designs, their addresses and quantity of carriers in certain territory as it was planned earlier, and about approaches to placing, — the head of department of mass-media and advertising Vladimir Tchernikov has commented. — that is the company should work formats which can settle down in this or that territory, co-ordinate it to architectural shape of Moscow . Work should be finished by October, 15th, has explained g - n Tchernikov, and then the concept will be brought for discussion with all interested structures: moskomnaslediem, Moskomarhitekturoj, traffic police and etc. a city Problem — To keep architectural shape, city incomes, even at reduction of number of advertising designs, and also to consider interests of business, — he has added. — in my opinion, that business actively wants to be engaged in concept working out, testifies that he wants to receive the information that occurs in a city, first-hand .