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Obama has listened to councils Baffeta

It has urged to reduce a budgeted deficit at the expense of taxes on rich

US president Barack Obama has suggested legislators to raise taxes on 1,5 trln dollars to reduce a budgeted deficit on 3 trln dollars the next ten years. The increase in tax burden will mention mainly well-founded Americans and large corporations. The republicans opposing to increase of rates, will try to block this offer in the congress. Political scientists have counted Obama`s new plan as the struggle beginning for votes on elections of 2012.

last week the president announced the plan on creation of the new workplaces, demanding the big expenses: the program on 447 mlrd dollars should help to lower unemployment which makes 9,1 %. Now the head of the state has designated, whence it is possible to take means not only for realisation of this plan, but also for the general improvement of economy. The budgeted deficit of the USA will reach in 2011 1,3 trln dollars, and the state debt will come nearer to 14,7 trln dollars In August administration and republicans have agreed to reduce budgetary deficiency almost on 1 trln dollars At present special committee of the congress which consists of six democrats and six republicans, searches for ways of reduction of expenses, and recommendations of the president have been directed first of all to them.

Washington should learn to live within the means. We are compelled to go for reduction of expenses if we can not afford more their payment - the president in the White house has declared on Monday. According to its plan, 1,1 trln the dollars in treasury will bring end of military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. 1,5 more trln the dollars will manage to be found at the expense of fundamental changes in the Tax code from which 800 mlrd the dollars will bring only abolition of tax indulgences for the families earning more of 250 thousand dollars year which were entered still by George Bush. Other means it is planned to gather additionally by reduction of expenses on social programs, including on Medicare and Medicaide - on 320 mlrd

the President has assured dollars that will put a veto for any bills on reduction of social privileges while the richest Americans and large corporations will not contribute a fair share in country prosperity. In particular, it is a question about the tax of Baffeta named so in honour of the billionaire of Warren Baffeta. That has concluded that the authorities too long indulged rich men privileges and has suggested to enter the maximum tax rate for those who earns more than 1 million dollars a year and at all will not notice additional debt loading.

With it obviously do not agree elephants which traditionally protect privileges for rich and insist that the tax Robin of the Buzzing will slow down growth of economy and will lower volume of corporate investments. Veto threats, scale increase of taxes, phantom savings it not the recipe of economic growth - the leader of republicans in senate Mitch MakKonnell has declared. Class rozn can bear the political fruits, but it conducts to rotten economy - the chairman of the commission on the budget of the House of Representatives of Pol Rajan on air of Fox News echoed it.

The president has rejected charges in attempt to kindle class contradictions. it not class struggle, and the simple mathematics. Money should whence - to come that. And if we do not tell that who lives extraordinary well, podnaprjachsja all loading will lay down on middle class and poor men - it parried the criticism.

Experts notice that the present offer of the president, already the fourth for a year, is some kind of the beginning of campaign for re-election for a post of the head of the White house in 2012. Unfortunately, this speech had exclusively political value - tax privileges for rich will be hardly cancelled, as republicans stand up for them a wall. But the fact of that the president tries to achieve the and openly declares it, is capable to return appreciably trust of voters to its person - analyst EIU Stephen Lesli has explained daily.