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Credit Suisse Germany will pay for employees

will receive 150 million euro for refusal of investigation of activity of bank

Complicity tax uklonistam will cost much Swiss Credit Suisse. Under the arrangement with state Office of Public Prosecutor of Dusseldorf the bank will pay 150 million euro in exchange for the termination of legal prosecution of some its employees. However, on it the problems connected with defaulters of taxes, for Credit Suisse have not ended.

As have informed on Monday Credit Suisse and state Office of Public Prosecutor of Germany, business on complicity to 1100 clients - tax uklonistam, begun against several employees of bank last year, at last it will be stopped in exchange for payment of 150 million euro. The bank will pay the stipulated sum of the third quarter of this year. Last quarter the bank net profit has made 600 million euro.

the Reached agreement - good news as it will help to avoid investigation continuation, was informed daily by the representative of bank. Thus, the German authorities do not have claims to bank more. As he said, Credit Suisse will not apply against the personnel suspected of the help uklonistam, any disciplinary actions. How many particularly employees was under suspicion, the representative of bank has not informed. In total at German offices of bank 750 persons work.

Claims to Credit Suisse, and also to a number of other financial institutions at German tax specialists have arisen in 2010 when to them disks have got to hands with the data of tax defaulters. Earlier for refusal of claims German pravoohraniteljam have already paid Julius Baer and bank LGT from Liechtenstein.

On it the problems connected with the help in leaving from the taxation, for Credit Suisse do not come to an end. US authorities conduct investigation against it and nine more Swiss banks, accusing them of complicity to defaulters of taxes and demanding to give the data about clients.

Unlike the USA Germany, and after it and Great Britain have already managed to agree with the Swiss authorities about how to arrive with tax uklonistami. It is expected that corresponding agreements will be signed in the near future and will come into force in 2013. As a result German uklonistam to legalise the means in Switzerland, it is necessary to pay taxes at the rate from 19 to 34 %. Everything, according to analysts, in the Swiss banks lie nearby 120 mlrd euro from Germany, at least half from them - illegal. As has informed magazine Spiegel, now German clients hurry up to draw out money from the Swiss accounts, to avoid payment of taxes. Therefore a number of banks has made decision to pay cash only small sums to avoid mass outflow of means. Dissatisfied clients threaten claims.