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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company Alko - the Trade (an INN 7805121963, OGRN 1027802729030, the address: 196240, St.-Petersburg, street Cuban, d. 76, to. 4) - Remnev Boris Nikolaevich (an INN 781012902630; SNILS 036 - 781 - 108 - 62; boris@remnev. com; (812) 333 - 34 - 83; 191015, St.-Petersburg, street Shpalernaja, d. 60), member NP SRO AU Merkury (an INN 7710458616; OGRN 1037710023108; 125047, Moscow, street 4 - I Tver - Jamsky, d. 2/ 11, p. 2), operating on the basis of the decision of Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region from 28. 09. 2010 on business 56 - 46019/ 2010, notifies on carrying out of auction with the open form of the demands, opened on number of participants. A place of the auctions an electronic platform of Joint-Stock Company the Savings Bank - nuclear heating plant http:// bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru. The beginning of the auctions 30. 03. 2012 in 12. 00; leading of results of the auctions 30. 03. 2012 (time is defined according to platform regulations). A subject of the auctions - the rights of the requirement of Open Company Alko - the Trade : the Prize 1 - to debtors for the sum 44928070,95 rbl. the Initial price 337210,00 rbl. to Familiarize with a prize it is possible to the address: St.-Petersburg, street Shpalernaja, d. 60 on preliminary record on bodies. (812 333 - 34 - 83 in the working days with 11. 00 to 17. 00 with 18. 02. 2012 on 28. 03. 2012 Demands should correspond to the requirements established FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) 127 - FZ, are made out in Russian in the form of the electronic document and move after deposit payment through a site http:// bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru, according to platform regulations daily with 10. 00 18. 02. 2012 to 17. 00 28. 03. 2012. On the demand are applied assured elektronno - the digital signature: The extract from EGRJUL not earlier than 30 days before application date, the charter, INN certificates, OGRN, the document confirming powers of the head, the decision on approval of fulfilment of the large transaction or the inquiry that such approval is not required with documenting, the consent of antimonopoly body in the cases established by the law (for jur. Persons); an extract from EGRIP not earlier than 30 days before date of application, the INN certificate, OGRNIP, the document proving the identity, the consent of the spouse to transaction fulfilment (for IP), the document proving the identity, notarially certified consent of the spouse to transaction fulfilment (for fiz. Persons), documents of foreign persons should be to have appropriate translation into Russian; the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant (for the persons operating by proxy); the inventory of the presented documents signed by the applicant; the documents confirming entering of the deposit. The size of the deposit: 67442,00 rbl. Term of entering of the deposit: 25 working days from the moment of the publication of the present message in the newspaper into the account of the organizer of the auctions - Remneva B. N, r/ with 40817810103000591435 in branch Northern capital Joint-Stock Company rajffajzenbank St.-Petersburg, to/ with 30101810100000000723, BIK 044030723. An auction step: 33721,00 rbl. the Winner admit the participant who has offered the highest price. The purchase and sale contract consists with the winner within 5 days from the date of leading of results of the auctions. Payment under the contract is made within 30 days from the date of contract signing, by transfer of money resources to Open Company account Alko - the Trade - r/ with 40702810402010003093 in Open Society AKB branch JUGRA to St.-Petersburg, to/ with 30101810900000000774, BIK 044030774.