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the Organizer of the auctions the competitive managing director Joint-Stock Company Toir Kukanov A. A (an INN 525600774675, e-mail: kukanov07@mail. ru) informs on sale of property of Joint-Stock Company Toir (an INN 5263028982, Nizhni Novgorod, street Peat, d. 35) by means of the public offer on an electronic platform (further - EP) Open Company METS (OGRN: 1105742000858, :5751039346, 302004, the Eagle, street 3 - I Kursk, 15, bodies. (4862) 54 - 15 - 88) on a site in a network the Internet - http:// www. m - ets. ru.

a prize the Name the Initial price, rbl. (from the VAT)

1. toplivozapravshchik ZIL - 4314, 1994 of century, volume of the tank of 6 540 l 106 692 rbl.

2. And/ m KRAZ - 250, 1992 in, g/ p 12 t 107 212 rbl.

3. The bus the GROOVE - 3205S, 1998 of century, in m 24 people, run of 354 125 km 89 863 rbl.

4 Trailer heavy truck P - 600, 1989 of century g/ p 60 t 109 832 rbl.

5. The complete set of the kitchen equipment - 2004 of century, the individual. The project 68 735 rbl.

6. The furniture complete set - 2006 of century, the individual. The project 68 902 rbl.

7. A table billiard 55 824 rbl.

8. The car GAS - 3102, 1999 of century, black colour, run of 435 600 km 32 130 rbl.

9. The local computer network, 2007, length of 220 m; the alarm system in premises, 2006 the Device the Atlas - 6 ; system of ventilation, 2004 F - 500 - 95 m, razukomplekt.; system of ventilation a hell of m of a building, 2006; a warehouse of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, 1974, a brick, the area of 49,8 sq. m 379 981 rbl.

10. A garage building, a total area of 322,2 sq. m, located the Nizhniy Novgorod region, Semenov, street Shevchenko, d. 19/ 1 127 278 rbl.

11. The right of rent of the ground area a total area of 4 678 sq. m, to the address: the Nizhniy Novgorod region, Semenovsky area, Semenov, street Shevchenko, the house 19/ 1 222 373 rbl.

12 Bus the GROOVE - 3205 57 674 rbl.

13. Car KRAZ - 250 156 109 247 rbl.

14. Truck crane KS - 3575 1 279 403 rbl.

15 Truck crane KS - 4561 140 509 rbl.

the Information on participation in the auctions, the purchase and sale contract draught, the contract on the deposit, characteristics of property and acquaintance order on bodies. Of the organizer of the auctions 8 - 951 - 904 - 60 - 45 and on site EP http:// www. m - ets. ru.

Conditions and a tendering order: the offer period at the initial price with 20. 02. 2012 on 26. 02. 2012; the period of consecutive decrease in the initial price - 7 calendar days, size (step) of consecutive decrease in the initial price of sale of property a prize 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - 10 thousand rbl.; a prize 7, 8 - 5 thousand rbl.; a prize 9 - 50 thousand rbl.; a prize 10 - 15 thousand rbl.; a prize 11 - 30 thousand rbl.; a prize 12 - 5 thousand rbl., but not below 40 thousand rbl.; Prize 13 - 15 thousand rbl., but not below 60 thousand rbl.; a prize 14 - 35 thousand rbl., but not below 140 thousand rbl.; a prize 15 - 18 thousand rbl., but not below 70 thousand rbl. For participation in the auctions the applicant should be registered, pass accreditation on EP, fill the sample of the demand, conclude with the organizer of the auctions the contract on the deposit; to pay the deposit at a rate of 20 % from the price of sale of property corresponding to the certain period of the auctions on r/ from Joint-Stock Company Toir an INN 5263028982, 526301001, OGRN 1025204412056, r/ account 40702810900650001115 in NF NPSB Open Society AKB Sarovbiznesbank to/ account 30101810400000000899, BIK 042202899, not later 14:00 last day the certain period; to fill the application form for participation in the auctions and the following documents enclosed to it in the electronic form: the copy of the payment order assured by bank about deposit payment, the demand - the offer on participation in the auctions and following documents: JUr. To persons and ind. To businessmen: The original or the extracts assured notarially from EGRJUL (EGRIP), the tenderings valid for date. Assured by the head and the press - the document on powers of an individual executive office jur. Persons, the decision of founders (participants) on object acquisition at the auctions, notarially the certified copy of the certificate on state registration, certificates on statement on the tax account; the power of attorney of the representative on the right of application, participation in auction, signings of reports of the auctions, purchase and sale and acceptance report contracts - transfers; a copy of the passport of the representative, the inventory of the documents presented by the applicant. fiz. To persons: a passport copy. The above-named documents to direct to the address of the organizer of the auctions on paper carriers. Demands are accepted in the working days from 10:00 till on site EP. In the auctions can take part fiz. And jur. The persons who in due time made an application and have paid the deposit. The winner of the auctions the participant admits, which the first has presented when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property (prize), which, not below the initial price established for the certain period of tendering. Summarising of the auctions, the decision on definition of the winner of the auctions is accepted on each prize on corresponding period from the moment of the announcement of the winner of the auctions and takes place on EP. Payment under the purchase and sale contract is carried out in 30 - dnevnyj term from the moment of signing of this contract.