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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive managing director Parfyonov Oleg Aleksandrovich (the address: 160002, Vologda, Gagarin`s street, 28, of. 3, bodies. (8172) 787396, e - a mail: drevplit - law@yandex. ru) informs on the results spent by means of the public offer of the auctions on sale of property IP Presnuhinoj L. V the Auctions are spent 01. 02. 2012 on an electronic trading platform of Open Society the Center of development of economy placed in a network the Internet to the address: www. b2b - centre. ru according to the notice, published in the newspaper 204 from 29. 10. 2011. Under 77030321931 .

the Auctions on to a prize 2 (Uninhabited premises 1, 1 a cellar and 1, 1, 2, 3 the ground floor, the area of 136,3 sq. m., Vologda, Distant, d. 32, 1/ 2 shares in the right, usl. 35 - 35 - 01/ 003/ 2002 - 572) are recognised by taken place. The winner of the auctions on Lota 2 recognises Limited liability company the Vologda building company soglasivsheesja to get the property making the Prize 2, at the price of 364 266,00 roubles. Interest of the winner of the auctions in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director is absent.

the auctions on to prizes 6 and 7 are recognised by not taken place in connection with absence of application forms for participation in the auctions.