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JUrchenko on an exit

Minoritary Rostelecom it is ready to sell actions of the operator at the London stock exchange

Eks - head Svyazinvest Evgenie Jurchenko can sell the actions united Rostelecom after the company will spend listing at the London stock exchange. And he does not believe that the operator will have time to make it till the end of current year.

Evgenie Jurchenko has told daily that does not exclude sale of a part of the share holding at the London stock exchange, if Rostelecom will spend placing, having noticed thus that the operator hardly will manage to keep within the declared terms. Rostelecom can spend listing of the actions in October of this year. However while the company has not executed a number of necessary requirements, in particular has not given the reporting under standard MSFO. So most likely the exit on a stock exchange will be transferred a minimum for spring of next year - has explained g - n Jurchenko.

Earlier the former head Svyazinvest declared that has headed a pool of investors Rostelecom actions of the operator together supervising about 11 %. He insisted on convocation of extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the company, however this requirement has been rejected by council the director as a number of the powers of attorney confirming corresponding powers g - on Jurchenko, has been issued incorrectly.

Rostelecom the combined and consolidated reporting for the last three years, made on the basis of reporting MRK and " will give audirovannuju the reporting on MSFO for the first half of the year 2011 in October, and; Rostelecom already has been presented earlier, the representative of the operator has told. we on - former intend to spend listing at a stock exchange till the end of the year - he has told.

About exit possibility on the London stock exchange Rostelecom informed in February, 2009. The operator originally considered listing possibility in first half of 2011, however from - that on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange within three months new share issues of the company bargained separately, Rostelecom has postponed placing at a stock exchange before their association in second half of year. In interview daily from September, 7th the president Rostelecom Alexander Provotorov has declared that listing can be spent till March of next year, but the purpose is the end of 2011. As he said, at a stock exchange will bargain depozitarnye receipts of actions minoritariev, the state and the company are not going to place the actions.