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Privileges on demand

the Ministry of Finance compensates losses Bashnefti and Tatneft from a mode 60 - 66

Bashneft and Tatneft next year will receive indemnifications of losses from mode introduction 60 - 66 . As Sergey Shatalov has informed yesterday zamglavy the Ministry of Finance, the privilege on NDPI will be given the companies.

Though a tax mode 60 - 66 should start to operate since October, 1st, till now unresolved there was a question on indemnification to those companies which will suffer losses in connection with its introduction. Nevertheless the state has decided to meet oil industry workers. So, Bashnefti it has been decided to give privileges on NDPI for deposits vysokosernistoj to oil. And Tatneft will receive tax indulgences for the Romashkinsky deposit. But indemnification mechanism will start to operate not earlier than January, 1st, 2012 and consequently, during the period from October till December the companies should fix a loss.

As within the limits of new system of the duty for oil export will grow, and export gathering from crude oil, on the contrary, will decrease, difficulties should arise at those oil industry workers, in which business of processing more than extraction. The most obvious example of such disbalance is Bashneft which volume of processing without small twice more than own extraction. In the company noticed that annual losses at a new mode can make depending on the price for oil from 150 million to 200 million dollars

the Situation in Tatneft in connection with mode introduction 60 - 66 is less critical. In spite of the fact that, under company management forecasts, the total amount of losses will make nearby 34 mlrd rbl. as experts believe interrogated daily, Tatneft Within the limits of new system only will win. the company now does not have own processing, but there is the most profitable on branch a segment of extraction and operating privileges on the developed deposits. Demanding indemnification, Tatneft as the argument uses factory Taneko which is not entered yet into commercial operation. Therefore necessity of indemnification is not obvious - the leading expert of department of market researches IFD " has explained; Kapital Vitaly Krjukov. He has added that Tatneft demands from the state to compensate it those investment risks which it bore in process of construction NPZ, besides that the company has already exceeded the estimate and has shifted building terms.

As has informed daily a source in the Ministry of Finance, the decision on granting of privileges Tatneft was it is pressed through in the federal ministries a regional management. Earlier against granting of indemnifications Tatneft the head of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry Sergey Shmatko, of which words acted, the project economy on building NPZ looks not bad and without privileges, and the state should not encourage expansion of primary processing.